5 Self help books to read if life’s storm is hitting you hard

Life is not easy and it is normal for all of us to face a crisis and stay there for days, months or years. While the physical reality of problems may be repaired, emotional trauma is a weight one has to bear forever. Self-help books advise and bring clarity to life, something one can count on to help jump out of that emotional bubble you locked yourself in. With the rise of self-proclaimed educators, the number of self-help books out there has skyrocketed but here is a list of five great books by respected authors whose life lessons will surely change your life for the better.

Become bulletproof

I became lead Evy Pompouras talks about things like harnessing fear, being mentally flexible, developing the mindset of a Secret Service agent, influencing others, getting respect, spotting lies, reading people and all the great things you can expect to learn from a professional Secret Service agent.

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Ego is the enemy

Do people notice you wherever you go? Do bad things only happen to you? Do you take criticism in a very personal way? This is the book you should read to get out of those selfish thoughts.

Self help book

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atomic habits

Atomic Habits is not one of those overrated self-help books. It draws on practical advice and psychology that covers every practical strategy you need to build new habits and break old ones.

atomic habits

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Consistency is the key

This book focuses on why you should stop killing yourself in the name of productivity, enjoy the little pleasures in life, and also appreciate yourself for every little step you take. The book is divided into three sections: mind, soul and body. Stillness means paying attention to each of these areas and the book teaches you how.

the book

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Psychological cybernetics and self-fulfillment

Most of the time, the way you perceive yourself is different from what you really are. Am I so ugly? Do I deserve this? Self-doubt and lack of confidence can paint a bad picture of yourself in your mind and live a happy life, the first step is to correct that painting and this book helps you with that!

Self help book

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