7 coffee places in Kathmandu where you can enjoy reading too

In the last decade, coffee places have proliferated in the Kathmandu Valley. Coffee is one of the drinks, influenced by the western culture which is adopted by many people, mostly young people, in Nepal and they are also getting mad for coffee day by day. Since coffee is able to reduce people’s fatigue, increase energy, burn fat, improve mental capacity and productivity as well as boost heart health, people tend to drink more coffee.

People enjoy coffee while relaxing with friends or alone while doing some errands. But while more quick service restaurants are opening up, there are a few places in Kathmandu that encourage people to stay and have a library open to read and sip coffee. It is a truly unique experience that everyone should try at least once and here are some of these cafes that you can visit.

1. Beer Café

Photo: Bikash Dawari

BIA Café is located in Kimdole, Swayambhu and is a beautiful place loved by many book lovers. BIA Café (or Bodhisattvas In Action) has an instant welcoming aura. It is one of those cafés that greet you with bookshelves full of books, from the moment you enter the café.

There are tables near the books, so you will feel like you are in a library and enjoy reading. One can also enjoy a variety of delicious coffee drinks and pastries while reading here. But, you can’t take the books home yet as you haven’t started selling books yet. It has a small outside seating area which you can also enjoy.

2. Soma Café

Soma Café is a lovely café that is famous for its coffee. But with plenty of space inside the café, it has also fostered a culture of reading among its customers. Located in Jhamsikhel and Baluwatar, you can find multiple shelves filled with great bestselling books from around the world to enjoy in a cozy space inside the café. Plus, you are greeted by the friendly staff who don’t mind you staying there to read books including your favorite novels. You can do this while enjoying his delicious meals at the same time.

3. Mo: Mo La Balbasa Café

Cafes in Kathmandu with Momo La Balbasa coffee books
Photo: Bikash Dawari

Mo:mo la Palpasa Cafe is one of the best coffee places in Kathmandu for those people who love a quiet environment and are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy their favorite drinks and page-flipping book. Located in Bhimsengola near Baneshwar, it is also famous for its relaxing environment with living room design.

People visit this cafe because of the favorite organic coffee beans of many. They have friendly staff and a free wifi environment as well as a separate space where you can read, work on your laptop and enjoy his amazing collection of books and the unique variety of Momo at the same time.

4. Freek Street Cafe

Freak-Streek-Kaffe coffee places in Kathmandu
Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Maharjan / Freak Street Tattoo

Freak Street Cafe is a cafe in a relaxed environment with shelves full of books and antiques. It’s a nice place to read books as well as a good place to spend time with friends.

Located on Freak Street in Basantapur, in the heart of Kathmandu, it is very easy to find and has a lively young crowd that you can connect with. The place has two bookshelves where you can pick up a book to motivate yourself or to browse through some useful skills. Finally, you can sit back and spend some time enjoying the book and its signature coffee for an extended period of time.

5. Ojama coffee

ujamma koffie cafes in kathmandu with books
Photo: Bikash Dawari

Ujamaa Koffie is a charming combination of a coffee shop and library. This coffee shop, located in Chennakhmol, was established with the motive of making its customers taste their delicious coffee as well as enjoying the historical, political and life related knowledge from books. I arranged the bookshelves in such a way that anyone would want to try to pick up books and turn the pages.

It is one of those rare cafes that issues a library card to its customers and encourages reading indoors because the books kept here are not for sale. It also offers discounts on coffee, and encourages customers to visit again.

6. Bodhi Books and Bakery

bodhi bakery and books cafes in kathmandu with books
Photo: Bikash Dawari

For book lovers, what’s more amazing than starting their day with reading? One can start their fun day with a great breakfast at Bodhi Books and Bakes.

Relocated from Maharajgung to Tangal, this cafe has expanded its space and book collection as well. It is one of the modern cafes that has prioritized books as part of its culture. You can choose any of the books to read, and if you want to take one to your place, you can buy it (from a section) as well.

7. Coffee material

Coffee Pasal is one of the best coffee places in Kathmandu that you can go not only for coffee but also if you are hungry for books. Located in Durbarmarg and Kumaripati, customers can enjoy a variety of books. These two places also allow you to bring your book(s) to read or you also have the option to buy books from them. Simply sit on the sofa and enjoy your favorite book with a special hot chocolate or a special chai latte.


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