A TV host flew 10,000 miles for an exclusive interview with Adele, only to have it canceled after he said he hadn’t listened to her new album

Matt doran

Matt Doran seen at the Qatar Airways Canberra launch gala dinner on February 13, 2018.Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images for Qatar Airways

  • Channel 7 secured Australia’s only interview with Adele prior to the release of her new album, “30”.

  • Matt Doran said in the interview that he had not heard “30”. Sony later retained the rights to the images.

  • Doran was temporarily taken off the air by Channel 7 as a result, local media reported.

An Australian television host got an exclusive interview with Adele, but the footage was withheld after he told her that he hadn’t listened to her new album, “30”.

Matthew Doran, the host of Channel 7’s “Weekend Sunrise,” flew to London from Sydney, a journey of some 16,000 miles, on November 4 to interview Adele in her only album interview with an Australian outlet, The Daily reported. Telegraph of the country. .

During the interview, when Adele asked him what he thought of the new album, Doran said he hadn’t heard it yet, The Telegraph reported. He added that the singer was offended.

The interview was completed to the end, the outlet said, but Sony, the owner of Adele’s music, later told Channel 7 that it was withholding the rights to the interview footage as a result of Doran’s oversight.

Various reports said that Doran was subsequently suspended by Channel 7, but Doran told The Australian on Sunday that he was not “formally” suspended. But it was off the air for a week.

He returned to his post on the net on Saturday.

The total package of rights to Adele’s interview footage, which included access to Oprah Winfrey’s “One Night Only” video with Adele, cost Channel 7 about $ 1 million Australian dollars ($ 725,000), The Telegraph said.

Doran told The Australian that he received an early link to listen to “30” by email, but missed it during the trip to London.

“When I sat down to interview Adele, I was completely unaware that a preview of her unreleased album had been emailed to me,” he said.

“I have since found out that it was sent to me as an ‘ecard’ link, which I somehow missed upon landing in London. It was an oversight, but not a deliberate snub. This is the most important email I have ever missed. “. he continued.

However, Doran was heavily criticized on social media by fans of Adele and other journalists.

Adele fans flooded the comment section of a November 3 Instagram post from Doran in which she said, “This is going to be pretty special …”

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