Adele leaves interview for host not listening to album

Adele allegedly dumped an Australian television host who flew 10,000 miles to interview her as part of a $ 725,000 settlement, because she hadn’t heard her new album.

Seven Network host Matt Doran flew from Sydney to London earlier this month to interview the “Hello” singer as part of a big deal that included the rights to Adele’s Oprah Winfrey special and the comeback concert of two. hours, the Daily Telegraph said.

During the meeting, Adele asked what the “Weekend Sunrise” host thought of her new album, “30,” only for him to supposedly admit, “I haven’t heard it.”

Offended, Adele dropped out of the interview and her label, Sony, refused to allow Seven to use it, the newspaper said.

He left Australia “the only market in the world that doesn’t have a face-to-face with Adele” to promote the release of his album, a Seven insider told the newspaper.

“Seven is obviously angry about that. Matt was reprimanded … He should have done the investigation, ”the source said, saying the host was suspended for two weeks.

Doran told The Australian that he is “mortified and unequivocally sorry” with Adele, insisting it was a simple mistake.

Adele recently released her latest album, “30”.
Cliff Lipson / CBS via Getty Images

“When I sat down to interview Adele, I was completely unaware that a preview of her unreleased album had been emailed to me,” said Doran.

“I have since found out that it was sent to me as an ‘electronic card’ link, which I somehow lost upon landing in London.

“It was an oversight, but NOT a deliberate slight. This is the most important email I have ever missed, ”he said.

Matt Doran with a camera crew in London
Matt Doran posted this photo from London prior to his interview with Adele.
mattdoran / Instagram

However, he insisted that “Adele did not run away.”

“In fact, it was the polar opposite. What should have been 20 minutes was extended to 29 minutes, “he said.

Doran, who re-hosted his show this weekend, also insisted that he had just missed the show and was not formally suspended.

Adele’s label Sony refused to allow Seven Network to use the interview after the singer withdrew.

“I am completely confused. I implored Sony to publish the interview, ”he said.

Doran teased her interview with a photo with her team in London on November 4 and wrote: “This will be very special …”

Meanwhile, an ABC political reporter also named Matt Doran prepared to be mistaken for his namesake, tweeting, “Be careful with me … ”

Representatives for Adele did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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