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Amazon wheel of time It may have been inspired by Robert Jordan’s classic fantasy novels, but the story has been significantly rewritten. In 1984, fiction writer Robert Jordan approached Tor Books with the idea of ​​writing a new trilogy he called The Wheel of Time. Tom Doherty, president of Tor Books, had worked with Jordan before and knew he tended to drift when he was writing, so he hired Jordan for Six Books instead. However, the result was far beyond anything even Jordan and Doherty could imagine at the time. Jordan’s fantasy series has been one of the most vibrant and evolving series in the history of the genre, with complex character arcs in which teenage boys eventually become powerful warriors. In the end, wheel of time It came to consist of a heavy 14-volume, and was completed by writer Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s sad death before ending the series in 2007.

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Most readers assume wheel of time It will never be adapted, either for the big or small screen. The story was vast and sprawling, and the world is very complex. but success game of Thrones Revolutionizing the fantasy genre, studios and networks are now vying to create long-form fantasy shows that can fill the void left now. game of Thrones is over. “There is a bit of a gold rush mentality that comes from the success of Game of ThronesMark Guggenheim, Executive Producer of carnival, Tell The Wall Street Journal. “Everyone wants to take advantage of this audience.“This has already led to some pretty phenomenal fantasy TV shows, including the likes of Shadow and bones And the magicianAmazon has signed up to release a file wheel of time Series.

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Amazon wheel of time He made a number of changes to the books, however, some of which proved highly controversial, but others were cleverly implemented to adapt it to the television format – and for our modern times. There is no doubt that the number of changes will increase over time. Here are all the major changes from the books that have taken place in the series so far.

The wheel of time overlooks the introduction and visions

Opening wheel of time It differs a lot, by omitting the foreground that makes up the dragon. While this was done for budget reasons – it includes sets that will never be seen again, and amazing effects like the height of an entire mountain – in fact, it makes sense to skip the introduction. Jordan immerses readers in a complex fantasy world with little to no explanation, and introduces countless terms and concepts to decipher as the series continues, which means it will be a huge challenge for viewers who aren’t familiar with the books.

Jordan hides no real mystery about the Dragon Reborn’s identity, as readers are quickly able to deduce that he is the main protagonist and point of view character, Rand the Bull. For one thing, he faces a series of disturbing visions that explore the history of the nations and his past life as a dragon. Again, the decision to omit these dreams may be for budgetary reasons, but it also serves a narrative purpose; wheel of time He is even more ambiguous about the Dragon’s identity, as neither Maureen nor general viewers are entirely sure who he really is. It’s totally possible wheel of time He would take things in a different direction, choosing a different character to be the Dragon Reborn.

The Wheel of Time characters are older than books

Wheel of Time Egwen and Rand Crop Show

One of the most controversial changes in wheel of time It is related to the ages of the characters. In the books, they are definitely teenagers, quite far from their depths in the chaotic world into which they are thrust. Amazon wheel of time Getting them to age in order to avoid appearing as a young TV series has led to major changes in the character arcs. In the books, Rand is tongue-tied and cuddly about Egwen, and you can hardly ask her to dance with him; In the Amazon TV series, the two are actually a married couple, and they even sleep together. Meanwhile, Beren has been reinvented as the local blacksmith, a married man whose wife suffers a heartbreaking fate.

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Egwene is Ta’veren too – and probably Nynaeve

The Wheel of Time Egwen

One of Robert Jordan’s most interesting ideas is the concept of “Ta’veren”. As the books explain,And sometimes the wheel bends a vital thread, or several threads, so that all the surrounding threads are forced to turn around, and that force forces other threads, those that remain, and so forth. This is the first bend of web work, and that’s important, and there’s nothing you can do to change it, not until the pattern itself changes.. “In Jordan’s books, there are three trekkers in Emond’s field; Rand, Matt and Perrin. Amazon wheel of time He takes a different approach, potentially turning an Egwene into a ta’veren, as well as a Nynaeve. Surprisingly, Moiraine reveals that she doesn’t know which of the four is actually a Dragon Reborn, suggesting that it is possible that the Dragon was reincarnated into a woman – five including Nynaeve, who were dragged away in the first episode before Moiraine was able to The test is really for her.

The power of a single wheel of time is less amazing than books

The Wheel of Time Maureen Magic

In Jordan’s books, satellite television weaves One Power’s threads for stunning visual impact. There are five specific threads, each with a distinct color; Earth, fire, air, spirit and water. The male channel can reach the most destructive leads – earth and fire – where females like Aes Sedai specialize in others. wheel of time It broadly appears to follow the same kind of approach, but all the threads have been bleached white, which makes casting spells less beautiful than on the books. Ironically, this particular change may not have been made for budgetary reasons; Alternatively, it’s possible that VFX teams felt the different colors were distracting in many scenes. The bright white images of One Power also emphasize the idea that Aes Sedai’s power is white or light magic.

The wheel of time The focus is wider than books

The first book in Robert Jordan wheel of timeAnd Eye of the worldFully focused on the bull run. In contrast, Amazon TV series spend time with all their main characters; This makes for a completely different narrative, and frankly more interesting and dramatic. Egwene’s initiation is hinted at in the women’s circle in the books but is never described, while wheel of time Shows the entire ritual. Similarly, Rand recounted of Trollock’s attack on Emmond Field when he arrived with his wounded father, not actually experienced.

Emond’s Field Party is growing more slowly

Emond’s Field Party is growing much slower on Amazon wheel of time than it is in books. On Jordan’s account, Thom Merrilin was at Emond’s Field when he attacked the Trollocs, escorting them on their journey to Tar Valon; In turn, Amazon only introduces him in Episode 3, when he rescues Rand and Matt from Dark Friend. Nineveh’s journey is more dramatic; In the books, she is preoccupied with treating the wounded, stalking the Emond’s Field group to bring them back, but in the TV series the Trollocs drags her away and at first she thinks she’s dead.

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Emond’s Field Five is different

Amazon wheel of time It moves at a much faster pace than Robert Jordan’s novels, and as a result the journey that Emond’s Field Five takes is very different. They skip a number of towns before visiting the Shadar Logoth, and meet Whitecloaks on the way rather than within a town. Again, this serves a dramatic purpose, as it means that the confrontation with Whitecloaks is more intense and effective; Amazon has done a good job of making the fast paced work in terms of narrative.

Moiren’s injury increases tension for the wheel of time

The Wheel of Time, Maureen

Finally, Maureen was injured during the first battle against Trollox, and the poison spread throughout her body; They can only be healed by other sedatives, and in the absence of them, the wound ulcerates. This is a great rewrite for wheel of time, adding tension to the story because the audience simply doesn’t assume Moiraine can pull the party out of whatever crisis they’re in. He further explains the references in the book to her that she was tired after performing feats, which, later in the series, may have seemed common to her.

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