As King Richard Finally Hits Our Screens, All Hail Venus Williams for Blessing Us With This Throwback Look

Venus Williams attends the closing night premiere of Warner Bros. AFI Fest 2021 & # x00201c;  King Richard & # x00201d;  on November 14, 2021 in Hollywood, California.

Venus Williams attends the closing night premiere of Warner Bros. AFI Fest 2021 “King Richard” on November 14, 2021 in Hollywood, California.

Now this is what we call attend. It’s true that we’re excited to get nostalgic when we finally delve into the long-awaited King Richard, the tennis-fueled Williams family biopic that opens in theaters today and on HBO Max, starring Will Smith as patriarch Richard Williams. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also acknowledge the flawless setback of film co-producer Venus Williams, who paid tribute to the start of her now-famous career at the film’s premiere this week. The tennis legend hit the red carpet sporting a stunning braided and beaded hairstyle reminiscent of the styles she and her sister Serena wore early in their careers, at the time, often drawing derision from those who didn’t understand the style. classic African American.

The modern interpretation of the look was a collaboration with famous hairstylist and “Hair MacGyver” Nikki Nelms, who updated the girlish look by covering it with a high ponytail braided at the back, using the beaded elements, which coordinated with the form-fitting style of Williams. silver slip dress, like bangs that frame the face with long side pieces in the front.

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Williams gave the tribute more context on Instagram, writing:

When [Serena] and I wore our iconic beads, we didn’t wear them to be different, we wore them because they were part of our heritage. The beads are a typical style for African American children. Of course, they are used by adults as decoration in African American culture as well, but they have deep roots in African history. Beads and braids can be a symbol of your tribe, rank and status, age, religion, and much more. They were and still are in some areas of cultural importance for both men and women.

Wearing braids and beads without us knowing at the time when we were children was an opportunity to share our beautiful and rich heritage with the world. It gave other African American women and children the pride of wearing their natural hair even before natural hair movement broke out decades later.

Wearing a bead style for the premiere was a representation of my roots. The movie is a true origin story. My hair represented not only my origins as a child in tennis, but also my African roots. It was a beautiful moment to celebrate! Thanks to Nikki Nelms for bringing this style to life!

The founder of EleVen by Venus has been killing him on the styling tip in the run-up to King Richardpremiere of; for his recent appearance with Serena in Will Smith’s takeover of Red table talk, he donned a piece of his own line that was inspired by the movie and his father, according to a press release provided to The root.

Venus took the memorable vintage styles that she, her coach and father, Richard Williams, wore in the ’80s and gave them a modern yet nostalgic edge. The jacket Venus wears in the episode, an old-school sports jacket like the one Richard wore, is the hero’s piece, but with a contemporary crop and exaggerated collar that brings femininity and luxury to complete this honorary capsule.

The best part is that the collection pays for it in advance; 15 percent of the proceeds will go to fund the Yetunde Price Resource Center, founded by the Williams family in honor of Venus’s late sister, Yetunde Price. YPRC offers healing and wellness services to the Compton community.

Again, that’s what we call a service.

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