Not long ago rumors began to circulate about a relationship between Jackboy and Asian Doll. The “Pull Up” hitmaker apparently confirmed their relationship during an Instagram Live session in September, and their behavior online this month makes it seem like they’ve only gotten more serious.

In early November, Asian made it pretty clear that she is ready to marry her man. “My problem is that I want to live together, get married and start a family. “Yeah we’re waiting,” he tweeted on day 1. “Jack needs to marry me, let’s get married nigga.” Of course, people didn’t hesitate to tell the rapper why that might be a bad idea, but she responded and let them know that she will continue to do so.

Just weeks after her sassy statement, the 24-year-old posted a TikTok showing her and her man hanging out. “Yeah, are we going to fuck or not?” the audio says as Asian brings her boyfriend closer so the camera can see him. After that, they posted another clip together in which they answered 13 “embarrassing questions” about their relationship.

Hundreds of people flooded the comment section with reminders of the late former Dallas native King Von. Even after her passing, Asian continues to call herself Queen Von, which some fans of the rapper see as disrespectful. Others came to Asian Doll’s defense, congratulating her on being able to move on and find happiness again after losing Von.

See more of Asian and Jackboy’s TikTok here.