Today was another poor performance for the Detroit Lions as they lost to the Chicago Bears by a score of 16-14. Heading into the game, the Bears had lost five straight games while the Lions had not won. Now, the Lions are 0-10-1, which is truly abysmal. Fans are just fed up with what the team has been giving them, and their energy in the games speaks volumes about how horrible the franchise has become.

A great example of this was the energy during Big Sean’s halftime show for today’s game. Despite putting on a fantastic performance that had him walking all over the stadium, the fans didn’t seem overly interested in what he was doing. For example, in the clip below, Sean was performing in seats alongside the fans, although none of them seemed entertained by what he was doing.

In the immediate aftermath of the performance, fans on Twitter noted that Sean delivered great energy throughout his set, yet they felt that the Lions fan base was simply not giving him their support. Of course, in the style of social media, this led to a ton of memes about the situation, with some fans even bringing Kanye into the mix. Overall it was all a lot of fun, however you can’t help but feel bad for the Lions fans who have just had their joy taken away lately.

You can find some of the best reactions to the performance, below.