Bold & Beautiful: Deacon and Sheila Miss Hope and Finn on Thanksgiving

At Brooke’s house, Steffy and Finn arrive and wish Ridge, Brooke, Hope and Liam a Happy Thanksgiving. They joke about Hope bringing Grandma’s favorite dish, which is a tradition, and they talk about the kids being upstairs with Amelia. Liam thinks it’s really nice that they’re all together … especially now.

In Sheila’s room, Deacon laments that he’s not even supposed to associate with her and now he’s vacationing there. Sheila is not happier than him and declares that they should celebrate Thanksgiving with their children. Deacon says that Brooke is having the big event at her house. Hope will be there and I was hoping to get an invite. He’s stuck there with Sheila when he would rather be with his daughter.

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At Brooke’s house, Zende and Paris arrive, as does Carter, who asks Ridge if he is sure of this and arrives with a peace offering. Carter and Paris step aside. She is glad you decided to come. He too. “Happy Thanksgiving, Paris.” Brooke calls everyone together. She and Ridge want to welcome everyone to their home for what will be a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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As the festivities continue, soccer scores are handed out and Zende kisses Paris. Across the road, Brooke, Ridge, Hope, and Liam talk to Steffy and Finn about the revelation that Jack is their biological father and he lied to his mother. Finn apologizes on behalf of Li, who doesn’t feel like company at the moment. Hope guesses her father wishes he could be there. Ridge and Liam are quick to explain why it’s not a good idea. She knows it, but I wish it were different.
Liam, Hope mansplain B&B

At Sheila’s, Deacon imagines going to Brooke’s, waving to Hope and Liam walking by to shake his hand and tell him that the kids are excited that Grandpa Deacon is there. Ridge joins them, along with Brooke, and tells her that Hope was right all along … he’s a changed man. Brooke assures him that he is family and hugs him to hug him. Sheila tells Deacon to heal … it’s not going to happen anytime soon.
Liam, Hope, Deacon's dream B&B

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At Brooke’s house, everyone wears turkey hats. Ridge and Brooke take care of their children and are happy to see them happy. They have a lot to be thankful for. Hope and Steffy turn to look at Brooke and Ridge as they kiss. Steffy smiles and Hope looks a little wistful.
Brooke, Ridge Kiss B&B

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In Sheila’s room, she and Deacon eat Chinese takeout and Deacon opens a fortune saying that he will get rich. He laughs: “Daddy likes that.” Sheila opens a fortune saying she appreciates her and Deacon points out that her son doesn’t appreciate her enough to ask her out for dinner. Sheila thinks that if she had gotten her way, she would have welcomed her with open arms. She imagines the Forresters greeting her on Thanksgiving. Brooke teases her for bringing sweet potatoes, Steffy asks to call her mom and Finn declares that her ‘mom’ has finally been accepted into the family. Deacon interrupts his reverie with: “And then they call the SWAT team and drag you out of the house. The end. “Sheila thinks it could come true … that’s all it takes, to be accepted by her son and her family. Deacon doubts Forrester will ever let Sheila get within a hundred feet of his mashed potatoes, but she is convinced that one day they will be with their families.
Steffy, Sheila Dream B&B

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At Brooke’s, Liam credits Finn for making Steffy happy and tells him that he is glad to be a part of his family. Finn feels lucky to be a part of him … Steffy and the children are his world, now more than ever. Nearby, Steffy and Hope are happy to put their differences aside and get along. Finn meets with Steffy, who tells him how amazing he is. They kiss and he wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving. Ridge takes the floor to give a speech and taunts Carter for being a gamer before assuring him that he is his best friend. Talk about the challenges Hope, Liam, Steffy, and Finn have overcome. He tells Brooke that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He is the most grateful person there … he is grateful for her. “Without you, I don’t think I could breathe. I love you. ”They hug. Brooke toasts their bright future and tells everyone to move on with kindness and gratitude in their hearts. Ridge concludes,“ Let’s eat! ”There is a lot of love and laughter when they get together to eat.
Brooke's Thanksgiving House 2021 B&B

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