Book and DVD will mark historic 1920 raid on Mallow Barracks

One of the most important engagements of the War of Independence should be remembered by a new book and DVD produced by the Malo Development Partnership’s Heritage Collection.

On September 28, 1920, Mallo was the scene of a daring accident which resulted in his barracks being the only one captured by the IRA during the conflict.

More than a century later, the raid and subsequent revenge by Crown forces that became known as “Burning Mallukhia” will be remembered through the book and DVD, both of which will officially release in December.

Heritage Committee member John McDonnell said the book would include a timeline preceding the raid, a description of the planning and execution of the raid as told by those who participated, and the subsequent Malo burning, arrests, and pursuits. One is accused of killing Sergeant Gibbs during the raid.

Mr. McDonnell said: “The cover of the book is in some detail the events and events of the War of Independence before the raid and its aftermath and its aftermath.”

He said the DVD will include interviews with descendants of IRA members including those who participated in the raid, “demonstrating the impact of the historic event on themselves and their families” as well as contributions from other interested parties.

Interviewers include Maca Barrett, daughter of a Malo Company member of the IRA, and Brian Polster, whose father Jackie played a leading role in the capture of the barracks; Michael Murphy is the son of John C. Murphy, one of the six men sentenced to death for the murder of Sergeant Gibbs and Bobby and David Willis, sons of Dick Willis who instigated and led the raid on the military barracks.

“The DVD will also include music, drama and poetry from students at the three tertiary schools in Malo, Davis College, Patrician Academy and Father Mary High School, reflecting the cultural significance of this period,” said Mr. McDonnell.

“This will ensure that future generations will remember and commemorate the sacrifices made for the freedom we enjoy today. Both the book and the DVD will complement the many excellent publications already in place about what was a pivotal time in the history of not only Malu but the entire country,” he added.

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