Book reveals what it’s like to play big-time college basketball with autism

Former Michigan State University basketball player Anthony Ine took his experience overcoming adversity as a Division I basketball player to publicly identify himself as a basketball player. On the autism spectrum And turned them into notes.

in a “At the center: Autism, basketball, and one athlete’s dreamsWritten alongside Rob Kest, Annie recalls how his childhood diagnosis shaped his path. When he learned he had autism, Inani was bullied and told that he likely wouldn’t be able to finish high school or play sports at all.

“They don’t know me. They don’t know what I can do,” Iani wrote.

Instead, Iani played basketball at Okemos High School, where he graduated and initially played Division II basketball at Grand Valley State.

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Ine eventually moved to Michigan State where he played for the Division I team and found the sense of camaraderie and friendship he had once looked for.

During his 2011-12 senior season, Michigan State won the Big Ten, reaching the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament before losing to Louisville.

“My teammates are asking more and more questions about what autism is,” Annie He told the Guardian newspaper. The coaching staff asked what autism is. They wanted to know more.

Now a Michigan State graduate, Ianni – a husband and father of two – acts as a motivational speaker, detailing his challenges and accomplishments.

“Show people, tell people it was hard for me,” Yanni said, “But at the end of the day, I was like a much stronger person.”

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