BTS and Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ at 2021 AMAs – Billboard

The stars collided during the 2021 AMAs, with Coldplay and BTS taking the stage together to present their Hot 100 No. 1 single, “My Universe.”

While BTS consistently delivers some of the tightest choreography in pop music, for this performance the vibe on stage was decidedly more loose and fun.

Performing to an excited crowd sporting light-up bracelets, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and BTS, all of whom seemed to be having a lot of fun, streaked across the stage in a kind of shape-shifting horde, with BTS huddling around Martin and Martin occasionally raising their hands towards the sky and the universe beyond it.

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Dress options were equally relaxed, with Martin dressed in a plain red t-shirt, while BTS sported streetwear that included leather jackets, graffiti-patterned tees, and bandanas.

Although the beginning of the performance seemed to have some sound issues, in the end it all went tense until the end, with Martin and BTS punctuating the end of the song with a series of joyous leaps and screams that were perfectly timed to various pyrotechnics. explosions that dazzled all the stars in the audience.

This was the first time that Coldplay and BTS performed the song together live and in person. The AMAs had also scheduled BTS to perform their remix of “Butter” with Megan Thee Stallion, who yesterday (November 20) Announced he was canceling his appearance due to an “unexpected personal matter”.

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