Channing Tatum Meets Man’s Not-So Best Friend

Channing Tatum is slowly receiving due praise as a versatile talent in the film industry, but let it be known that / Film has never dropped the ball there. “Dog” is Tatum’s first turn at the helm of a feature film, but he teams up with his production partner Carolin, the powerful feather behind the “Magic Mike” films that cemented Tatum’s stardom. Carolin will also co-write an upcoming thriller inspired by an untitled Universal monster movie, and guess who is linked to the star?

/ Film’s Sandy Schaffer posited that “Dog” seemed, in essence, deceptively similar in spirit to the stripper-riffic films “Magic Mike.” “Both,” Schaffer writes, “are films in which Tatum plays someone who is caught up in a wild adventure on a road trip at a time when he is struggling to shake off the flaws of his past and find out what’s next. for them”. So what I’m getting from that phenomenal observation is that we could see Lulu in a “Magic Mike” movie, or vice versa (we still don’t know how “Dog” will end up, and I got burned for these movies before), which might imply the existence of a Magic Mike Cinematic Universe, an MMCU, so to speak. Terr-ruff-ic.

Tatum co-directs with Reid Carolin, and the pair co-produce the feature film along with Peter Kiernan and Gregory Jacobs under the Free Association and Brett Rodríguez. Carolin co-writes the script with Brett Rodríguez. Rodríguez and Tatum previously produced the 2017 documentary “War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend” with HBO Films, directed by Deborah Scranton. Q’orianka Kilcher (“The New World”) and Jane Adams (“Twin Peaks: The Return”) co-star with Tatum, and are supported by Kevin Nash (the “Magic Mike” movies) as Gus, Aqueela Zoll ( “Filthy Rich”) as Callan, and Nicole LaLiberte (“Twin Peaks: The Return”) as Zoe. “Dog” also features the talents of “Da 5 Bloods” director of photography Newton Thomas Sigel, and unstoppable composer Thomas Newman, whose score for “Skyfall” remains my favorite of all the Bond films.

“Dog” hits theaters in February 2022.

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