Chris Daughtry’s Wife Clears up ‘Fasle’ Rumors After Daughter’s Death

  • Deanna Daughtry addressed the rumors surrounding the investigation into her daughter’s death in an Instagram post on Friday.
  • Hannah Price, 25, was found dead in her Tennessee home on November 12.
  • Daughtry asked people to “let the investigating officers do their job.”

Chris Daughtry’s wife, Deanna Daughtry, recently spoke about rumors surrounding the death of her daughter Hannah Price.

Daughtry made an Instagram post on Friday where he claimed that rumors that the 25-year-old’s death was being investigated as a homicide were “false.” Insider previously reported that authorities found Price inside his home in Fentress County, Tennessee, on November 12.

“The news circulating that we said our daughter’s death is being investigated as a homicide is false!” They didn’t tell us that and we never said that to anyone! “Daughtry wrote. The day Hannah was found, I shared some concerns I had with some people I know and said we won’t know anything for sure until they complete the investigation,” he continued. someone else who then made assumptions and ran to the press with that. “

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“I lost my daughter and now I also have to deal with rumors and assumptions about her,” Daughtry stated later in the post.

Daughtry also called for people to “let investigative officers do their job” and “stop making things worse for those of us who love her by spreading rumors and saying nasty things about our family.”

A Nov. 15 press release obtained by Insider from Tennessee’s 8th District Attorney Jared Effler stated that the case was currently “a death investigation and any attempt to classify it as a homicide investigation at this time is premature and irresponsible. “.

Effler also stated that no one has been arrested in connection with Price’s death.

In an Instagram post on November 12, Chris Daughtry wrote that he was “absolutely devastated and heartbroken” over the passing of his daughter.

He added that “now he is taking the time to be present with my family as we try to heal from this series of devastating losses.”

A representative for Chris Daughtry told Insider: “We have no additional comment at this time.”

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