As fans eagerly await the arrival of their next studio album. God make no mistakes, Conway The machine has stopped Complex to talk about the project and offer insights into some of the movements that defined her career over the past year. Naturally, his participation in Kanye West’s Grammy-nominated album Donda came up during the conversation, and Conway handed over many gems, from how the Ye connection came to be to the strict rules that were enforced during the Donda sessions.

According to Conway, Griselda was doing a show in Los Angeles when Ye approached the team and invited them to one of her Sunday service shows. They eventually hooked up with the “Hurricane” hitmaker in the artists’ area, where they all quickly hit it off. “Kanye, you know how it is. He’s kind of impulsive at the moment, and has the feeling of ‘Hey, man. We should go to Cabo right now and work on some music!'” Reveals Conway. “Obviously, Benny and I have some stipulations that kept us from leaving the country so freely, so we ended up going to the ranch in Wyoming.”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Once Conway reached the ranch, however, he quickly found himself out of his element during the Donda sessions. In Ye’s study, drugs, alcohol, and telephones were banned, regulations that made study sessions “different” for Conway The Machine.

“At first it was something different for me because I didn’t really grow up in the church world,” he said. Machine the artist explained. “And I’m used to study sessions where friends are. It’s niggas smoking, it’s niggas drinking. You have women here. You have niggas smoking there, playing dice.”

“And this is not no smoking, no drinking, no nothing,” says Conway. “You can’t even have your fucking cell phone on the motherfucker. It was a little strange at first. Not strange, just different the first few days. But, you know, it was nothing to me. At the end of the day, I was happy and blessed even to be welcomed into that man’s atmosphere. “

Watch Conway The Machine’s full interview with Complex below. The artist Griselda begins to discuss her Donda feature around 9:22 Frames.