Today is Future’s 38th birthday. The Atlanta cheat icon decided to celebrate it in different ways, with the help of his rapper and famous friends.

Last night (November 19), Drake rented a Dave & Buster’s for Future in Atlanta to celebrate his big day. In several photos and videos, Drake was seen living as a small child in the entertainment restaurant.

Before going to Dave & Buster’s, Future threw a mob-themed birthday party, while he and attendees like Drake, Druski, and Young Scooter sported stylish suits and turtlenecks to align with the theme.

Drizzy has a habit of celebrating different occasions at Dave & Buster’s, usually renting the entire venue for his party. Most recently, he and Travis Scott controversially kicked it at a Houston Dave & Buster’s in Houston after the tumultuous Astroworld festival. It was reported that they went there directly after their joint set and were unaware of the atrocities that took place in the crowd at the show. Travis allegedly left Dave & Buster’s immediately after learning of the injuries and deaths.

Other instances of Drake at Dave & Buster’s date back to 2014, where he has partied at separate events in New York City and Miami in the past.

It seems that renting Dave & Buster’s for his friends has become Drake’s favorite gift lately, whether it’s just a big event or a birthday.

Check out Drake vibrating and smoking hookah at Dave & Buster’s below.