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As a busy mom juggling her decades-long Hollywood career and as a mom to her two daughters – Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7, Drew Barrymore is getting real about why it’s not about that life of “ It looks perfect on Instagram. ” .

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In an interview with UK magazine YOU, the talk show host explains why she doesn’t want to “come across as someone who has her things together” and instead embraces the “mess of life” when it comes to raising Olive and Frankie with her ex. husband, Will Kopelman.

Explaining how she has kept her boisterous and refreshing personality despite being in the public eye since she was a child, Barrymore shared: “I’m unprotected because I don’t want to come across as someone who has her things together. I’m not a clown. Total, but I do not relate to people who slide through life or raising children. I relate to the struggle, the conquest, the humor, the disorder of life. I cannot stand falsehood. “

As the daughter of divorce, Barrymore shares that divorce was her “worst fear,” telling the magazine, “It was something I never wanted to put my own kids through.” On her separation from Kopelman, she added: “I felt broken. True, honestly broken. “

When the couple split in 2016, Barrymore reveals she had a “nice, long, juicy” nervous breakdown, but knew she had to keep things together to support her young children. “You have to believe during this roller coaster of life that you will go up again, but there was something very important in this because my children were involved. Being a parent is the most important thing, but raising babies is scary, exciting and very difficult. “

She also admits that she had a learning curve when it came to becoming a mother, and recalls that she “had no parents.” She added, I was the ‘father’ of [her parents, actors John and Jaid Barrymore]. Everything was backwards. So I didn’t know what I was doing. “

Now, Barrymore appreciates learning all he can along the way. “When people talked to me about parenting, I felt like an outcast,” he admits. “It took me years to finally gather the courage to say, ‘Can you speak to me as someone who is desperately trying to learn? You can teach me?'”

“There is a lot of pressure in life, especially on mothers, to do it well, to do it perfect,” she continues. “I have traveled the world and seen many different styles of parenting. It confuses me when people get so straight about parenting. It makes me feel defensive, small and inadequate. I have love and humor, but we are all learning on the job. “

On co-parenting with Kopelman, she adds: “Will and I have worked very hard over the years. I can’t tell you how difficult it was. The people who make co-parenting look easy … well, good for you. He and I really tried and it was tricky and painful at times, but we kept our eyes on our children’s prize. It was always about what’s best for the girls. “Admitting that it took” five years to function this way, “she notes,” I’m so glad I got there and we didn’t give up. Nice way, honey. Less trafic.”

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