Dua Lipa Flaunts Her Killer Abs In A Cropped Sweater In A New IG Photo Dump

  • Dua Lipa loves her life and she has the photos to prove it.

  • The 26-year-old “Don’t Start Now” singer took to Instagram over the weekend to post a series of snapshots on IG. In the photos, she is wearing a bra and a short cardigan, paired with a matching skirt. And his abs looked positively fierce!

  • Dua attributes her incredible physique to quick morning HIIT sessions. She also does yoga, Pilates, and strength training on days that are not very busy.

Dua Lipa could be having the best time right now. First, she released a ton of photos on Instagram from a much-needed girls’ night out, and now she’s sharing a ton of photos from a drag show.

In the pictures, the 26-year-old “Don’t Start Now” singer is sporting a patterned skirt paired with a matching crop top that shows off her super toned abs. There’s Dua laughing on a staircase, Dua with an artist, Dua posing with another artist, and Dua taking a selfie in the bathroom as she lowers her waist to show off those abs again.

“Drag night supper club @a_man_to_pet 🫀🍽🍷” he wrote in the post.

“Looking so beautiful❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” wrote one person in the comments. “🔥🔥🔥🔥😍” said another.

Dua seems quite proud of those abs and she is fair: she has worked hard to get them. But how difficult exactly? Dua previously said Live that, “I try to exercise as much as I can.”

The look of your workouts can vary, depending on where your schedule takes you. Dua said Refinery29 that she’s great at morning workouts, though. “Whether it’s at Zoom, doing a workout with my friend Ella in Los Angeles, who runs a spectacular training class called Sculpt With Ella, or with my best friend Bunny, who comes to train me on days when I feel very lazy and I need someone to motivate me, exercising really starts the day off right, “he said.

When she’s not doing all thatgestures in general> Dua will do yoga, Pilates, and strength training. And while he likes cardio, he prefers to do it by dancing, he said. Refinery29.

On days when she is short on time, Dua says she will do some interval workouts. “I love doing something that is really fast and fast, like a 15 minute HIIT session that I can do before I start my day,” he said. Live. “If I have a call too early, I don’t want to wake up hours earlier than necessary to go exercise. So a high intensity workout, a shower, a breakfast and I’m on my way. “

Oh, did you think that was it? Noper. Dua will also see different workouts when on the road. “When I have a little more time on my side, I love mixing a lot of different workouts, finding different workouts in whatever city I’m in, be it yoga, Pilates, boxing or spinning,” he said. Marie Claire United Kingdom. “Whatever it is, I try to change it every day to keep things interesting. When you’re on a tour bus, every day and every place is different, so you never know what you’re going to find. That’s always one way. to keep it interesting. “

While Dua likes to eat well, she previously told the Beauty Crew that she loves what she calls “naughty treats.” But, she added, “but I try to limit it to days when I’m not that busy because if I eat a donut, it usually puts me in a food coma.”

Now where can I get that outfit?

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