Eddie Redmayne now says starring in The Danish Girl was “a mistake”

Eddie redmayne

Eddie redmayne
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Eddie Redmayne prepares to star in a new production of Cabaret, and as part of his publicity tour for the concert, sat with The Sunday Times and addressed the long-standing controversy over her decision to play real-life transgender artist Lili Elbe in the 2015 film The danish girl. The role earned him an Oscar nomination, but criticism of the cast (and of The danish girl overall) have had a more lasting impact than the film itself.

Now, Redmayne says flatly that “it was a mistake” to have played Elbe in the movie. Says that although The danish girl It was done “with the best of intentions”, now he would not take on the role. He considers that decisions like the ones he stars in that film happen “because many people do not have a chair at the table” and that “there must be a leveling, otherwise we will continue to have these debates.”

To analyze your statement a bit, it seems that you are not necessarily saying that cisgender people should never play transgender people (even if you think it was a mistake when they did), but that transgender people, or at least more people in general. “You should have a voice and participate in these kinds of decisions.”

This complaint of The danish girl it’s coming more than a year after Redmayne headed the transphobic statements made by JK Rowling—Who created the Fantastic Animals series that stars. At the time, Redmayne offered a disappointing suggestion that while it is “absolutely disgusting” to see transgender people treated online and in the world, it is “equally disgusting” to see the way Rowling has been treated since. he started saying transphobic things.

Fantastic beasts 3, Subtitled Dumbledore’s secrets, is supposed to hit theaters on April 15, 2022. Mads Mikkelsen replaces Johnny Depp as villain Grindelwald, so that’s cool at least.

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