Executive Vice President Josh Hayes Quits Diamond Book Distributors


Diamond Comic Distributors announced that Josh Hayes He has given up his role in Diamond Books. His last day at the dealer will be on the 3rd of December.

Graduated from the University of Michigan in Business, Computers, and Literature, Josh Hayes spends four months at Borders as a Senior Planner/Analyst and then a Buyer. He was selected to become the national sales manager for Diamond Book Distributors in 2002 for a four-year term. He returned to Diamond as Director of Sales and Marketing in 2009 for another four years. Then in 2017, he came back again as Director of E-Commerce Business Development for about three years and then Executive Vice President of Diamond Book Distributors for over four years. But now he’s turning away again. Is there any possibility that it will only be for a few years before he comes back again?

Josh Hayes, from LinkedIn

On his LinkedIn, Josh Hayes stated that his most recent position as Executive Vice President has included;

• Leading the day-to-day operations of the department, which has more than 10 employees, achieving annual sales of more than $75 million worldwide.
• Direct staff building, budget preparation, contract negotiations, and client management.
• Establishing strong relationships with clients and focusing on education in developed markets around the world.
• Playing a key role in a renewed drive towards the growth of international clients, including the development and implementation of new distribution channels in the emerging and growing markets of West Asia and Oceania.
• Safe establishment of several new distribution relationships for domestic and international customers only resulting in a significant increase in volume and number of titles in the high-value comics and manga category.
• Delivering several annual reports that enable clients to gain insights into the market as a whole and which inform about adjusting plans to maximize marketing messages and benefit sales.
• Embedding a ‘customer-centric’ culture built on better data flow, communication opportunities and logistical strength; Minimizing disruptions to the flow of new products to the market as well as identified areas of improvement for customers, clients and sales staff.
• Take advantage of different customer data flows as well as internal metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses in sales. Implemented a quantitative sales approach to target and improve the performance of retailers as part of a focus on growth opportunities.
• Mobilize and develop a diverse and talented team of 10+ direct reports, with the majority working remotely as well as offshore.

And now… something new?

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