Former Exodus Guitarist Rick Hunolt: Getting Fired ‘Damn Near Took Me Out’

Previous EXODUS guitarist Rick hunolt says getting fired from the band “almost took [him] out of.”

Hunolt – the other half of the famous EXODUS “H-Team” who is on all studio recordings from 1985 to 2004 and co-wrote some of the band’s best known songs, such as “A lesson in violence” and “Deliver us from evil” – left EXODUS after the band’s acclaimed 2004 reunion album, “Tempo of the damned”. After your departure, Hunolt was replaced by PAGAN guitarist Lee Altus.

Haystack discussed his departure from EXODUS during an appearance in “Put your dukes”, the new podcast presented by ex-EXODUS singer Rob dukes. He said (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “While recording ‘Climate’, Gary [Holt, EXODUS guitarist] I had just cleaned a bit before that, and was still wearing. But i have to say Gary Holt – I take my hat off to the man for … He never knew. Not once did he Gary Say, ‘Dude, you’re a piece of shit. I’m going to fire you from the band if you don’t fix your shit. ‘ He never said anything. He let it run its course, you know what I mean?

“I was a mess” Haystack continued. “We all were, but we all got better, and I didn’t. I fell down the rabbit hole even worse, I think, because I was so depressed. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know what happened … To the point where I was going to lose my position in the band that I had been in for over 20 years: my best friends, my life. Yes, it was dark as shit.

“One day, after spending my life giving everything I had and the whole world for EXODUS, one day I woke up and was not in EXODUS not anymore,” Hunolt additional. “And that morning it was, like … Dude, I can’t even describe the emotions that [was feeling]. I woke up and was not in EXODUS more, friend. You almost got me out, bro. “

Haystack revealed that she went through a particularly difficult period after parting ways with EXODUS. “I had to reinvent myself at 40 or older, [with] two small children, “he said.” I ended up moving from Oakland. I had to get out of there, because we lived in the studio; that was wrong. And then we moved in with my wife’s mom and I got a job at the [discount chain] Dollar tree and I ended up working there like two or three years. I mean, I can go on and on and on. But to sum it up, I met a guy who knew who I was and he offered me a job on his ranch. And the rest is history. He taught me how to live my life and earn money. “

Hunolt makes a guest appearance on EXODUSnew studio album, “Persona non grata”, which was released on November 19 via Nuclear explosion records.

The new album from the San Francisco Bay Area thrashers is the continuation of the 2014 one “Blood in Blood out”, which was his first release since leaving Dukes, the group’s lead singer for nine years, and the return of Steve “Zetro” Souza, who previously faced EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.

In April 2019, Hunolt rejoined Copse and another EXODUS members Tom hunting (drums) and Souza to perform several of the group’s classic songs during a METALLIC ALLEGANCE concert in San Francisco, California. More recently, Hunolt United EXODUS on stage in August at Psycho Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The original lineup of EXODUS consisted of guitarists Kirk hammett (Now in METALLICA) and Tim lamb, Hunting and vocalist Keith stewart. Copse joined the band in 1981, while church he left two years before EXODUSthe debut album, “Bonded by blood”, saw the light of day.

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