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It took a long time to arrive.

This year, the all-female punk band The Go-Go’s was finally inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The ceremony and concert took place in Cleveland in late October, with fellow on-board members Tina Turner, Foo Fighters, and LL Cool J in attendance, among others, but will now air on November 20 on HBO Max.

Drew Barrymore introduces The Go-Go’s on stage, calling them “the first band I ever loved” and donning a towel and face cream as a nod to the 1981 album cover “Beauty and the Beat” to prove it.

Carlisle, known in the early 1980s for her do-it-yourself style, in incredibly stylish garbage bag dresses on stage, for example, turned to her longtime friend, designer Jeannine Braden to dress her up.

Braden’s brand, Le Superbe, struck the perfect balance between punk and polished, with Carlisle donning several items from the holiday collection, including a beaded sweater, cosmic patterned pleated skirt, tulle and denim pencil skirt and jacket. tuxedo with gold sequins.

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Belinda Carlisle fitting the closet with Jeannine Braden.
Courtesy / Wayne Nathan

“I wanted to look bright for the occasion… This was comfortable but it was to my taste, and I had never worn anything like this on stage. I usually go barefoot, “Carlisle said of the cosmic sequin pleated skirt and beaded turtleneck she wears to sing her hits” Vacation, “” Our Lips Are Sealed, “and” We Got the Beat. ”

Formed out of the diverse and egalitarian Los Angeles punk scene in 1978 with Belinda Carlisle on lead vocals and Jane Wiedlin on rhythm guitar and vocals, the band’s main lineup solidified over the next several years with the addition of lead guitarist. and keyboardist Charlotte Caffey, drummer Gina Schock, and bassist Kathy Valentine. Known for their raw and energetic live shows, the Go-Go evaded the sexism of record labels and signed with IRS Records in 1981. Their debut album, “Beauty and the Beat”, was released later that year and became the first (and, to date, the only) album by a female band that played their own instruments and wrote their own songs to top the Billboard album chart, ”according to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame article on the incorporation of the band.

Braden is a trailblazer who opened Fred Segal Flair in 1992 before releasing Le Superbe in 2019, and while working as a stylist on the side. She met Carlisle in 1981 in Marina Del Rey, California, where she worked in a store that had just finished high school called Blondies. But the two didn’t work together until Carlisle embarked on his solo career. Braden dressed her in a black turtleneck, stockings and heels for the cover of the first album, “Belinda” in 1986.

“We had the same taste,” said the singer. “Back then, it was more your personality,” added Braden on how the Go-Goes and other musicians dressed.

“There were no stylists and we had no money, so all of our clothes were from thrift stores,” Carlisle said of The Go-Go’s early years. “Back then, you could get Schiaparelli sweaters for 25 cents, Miriam Haskell jewelry, Bakelite, all the things that are really expensive and collectible now. I was just looking for things that no one else had. My style was a bit rockabilly influenced, the other girls had other influences. But as soon as I started making money, I maxed out my credit card in a strapless dress. “

The two have remained friends, even if these days Carlisle’s adventurous lifestyle has her more often in jeans and sweaters than on stage. (However, the band will be touring for a few dates in the coming months.)

“I had been sending her look books… I didn’t see you much because you were traveling. Then Rock Hall collapsed, and there was a lot of synchronicity. It takes a lot of samples before we even ship them, ”Braden said of the parts. “I made her wear shiny shoes, shiny fishnet stockings, shiny skirt …”

Belinda Carlisle from Go-Go on her rock

Backstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with The Go-Go’s on October 30, 2021.
Arnold Neimanis / Courtesy of Go-Go’s

“It really worked and I am very happy with what I used. For the red carpet, I wore the sequin tuxedo jacket with jeans to give it a more rocky look, ”Carlisle said. “Everything was so pretty, and I actually made an effort for a change!”

Carlisle had a blast at the ceremony, rocking out into the wee hours of the morning. “I sang a Germs song. The Germs was the first band I was in. Pat Smear from Foo Fighters was also in the band when we were kids. She was wearing a denim and tulle skirt and a tight turtleneck, which had a punk touch. I got so many compliments. If Jeannine didn’t push me, I’d be in my pajamas on stage … and I would have put my pajamas on onstage. “

The band’s style was never really a conversation until Alison Ellwood’s documentary about the band came out in 2020. “When I looked at the movie, I was like, ‘We look so cute!’ Carlisle said. “That is proof that you don’t have to have money to have style. It is not about wearing all brands. It has nothing to do with that.”

The Go-Go pose in the press room during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

The Go-Go pose in the press room during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Ron Schwane / AP

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