He told his mom my embarrassing secret

DEAR HARRIETTE: My boyfriend told his mother one of my biggest secrets.

Harriette cole

The two are very close, but I am deeply upset with him for repeating something that I asked him never to share. I feel deeply betrayed and ashamed.

At first I felt angry enough to consider a breakup, but since then I have calmed down.

Would he be exaggerating if he never told her another secret again? What would be the correct answer?


DEAR BETRAYED: The problem with secrets is that too often that trust is betrayed. There always seems to be someone to trust, even when you’ve promised to keep something for yourself. Witness your boyfriend and your mother.

Talk to your boyfriend and explain how upset you have been by his betrayal. Make sure he understands that this breach of trust makes you question whether it is safe to talk to him about your innermost feelings and your fondest stories. Admit that you are doubting that you can continue to trust him. Ask her why she decided to share this secret with her mother after you explicitly asked her not to.


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