Highly rated LDS thriller book series makes the perfect gift

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Most people want to read more books. Forbes reported in a study commissioned by Scribd that reading is the most desirable activity behind exercise.

However, there are many obstacles in the way. Lack of time — or perhaps spending time on less fulfilling things, like scrolling through social media — is the biggest reason.

But for conservative audiences, there may be another concern. It can be hard to find books that are exciting, exciting, and useful at the same time.

However, a new series by author CT Knudsen is here to fill that void and break the mold when it comes to Latter-day Saint fantasy books. (And once you get to know it, you’ll definitely want to take the time to have fun reading.)

The ‘Orion’s Spear’ series excites without offending

It’s easy to find Latter-day Saint-themed books and it’s easy to find page-turning thrillers. But when you find a fantasy series that incorporates traditional thriller plots without things that might distract readers, you get the gold. This is what makes Knudsen’s series “The Spear of Orion” so popular with readers.

The first book, The Human Code, focuses on the character of a Latter-day Saint named Chris Thomas – the man with the power to create a revolutionary artificial intelligence to save the world from sadistic terrorists. The second book, “Vanguard,” raises the stakes even more — but you won’t find any spoilers here.

Late Saint readers will learn about the many biblical references and topics that weave fiction with reality in this fast-paced original series.

“I wanted to write a series of exciting stories featuring LDS characters and themes that, at the same time, did not make unnecessary sacrifices in the story for safety. The books are informative and of course do not contain any profanity, but they are fast-paced and full of action,” says Knudsen. .

better sequel

Too often, people let down sequels that don’t live up to the original standards. (Think: “The Next Karate Kid” or something after the first “Jaws.”) So it’s rare that the second installment not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. This is the happy surprise that awaits you when you open Vanguard, Knudsen’s second book in the Orion Spear series.

Photo: Kirby Hepburn reading

While “The Adamic Code” has a respectable 4.4 star rating on Amazon, “Vanguard” has yet to receive less than 5 stars from its reviewers. The award-winning actor, comedian and narrator of Kirby Hepburn is a fervent fan of the book – he is also the narrator of the audio version of the books.

“Amazing…a fantasy unlike anything I’ve read before – weaving LDS themes and characters into a world of shadow governments and villains bent on world domination. Loved the characters, the suspense, the insight…human themes…everyone will enjoy this!” Hepburn writes.

Other readers agree.

“The author has masterfully taken a complex, unrealistic plot and crafted a story that grabs you, demands your attention and forces you to accept the unacceptable. Well written, deeply entertaining and thought provoking. Thank you for taking me on this exciting journey, I can’t wait for book 3,” another reviewer wrote in Amazon.

Black Friday Special! Dive into this series for only 99 cents

Now that you’ve got your curiosity sparked, there’s even more good news. Today and through Black Friday, you can get “The Adamic Code”—the first book in the series—for just 99 cents on Amazon when you purchase the Kindle edition.

Be careful, however – once you jump, you’ll be hooked. Fortunately, the second book is just a click away, so you won’t have to wait long to satisfy your curiosity.

To learn more about the “Orion’s Spear” series (or to do a little holiday shopping for the bookworms on your list), visit OrionsSpear.com.

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