‘Home Town’ Fans Have A Lot to Say After Ben Napier Was Named One of the “Sexiest Men Alive”

Photo credit: Erin Napier

It’s official, all of you! Hometown‘s Ben napier He has been dubbed one of the “sexiest men alive” in the world.

Actor Paul Rudd may grace the cover of this year’s PEOPLE“Sexiest Men Alive,” but Ben was there in the magazine too, and now he’s joined the ranks of other handsome men in Hollywood like Idris Elba, George Clooney, Adam Levine, and even Blake Shelton.

Of course, Hometown fans went wild after hearing the good news and even Erin Napier herself hardly believed it. She shared the funny way she heard the news and how she became the “craziest woman on CVS” on Instagram.

Erin’s caption reads: “Twitter just told me that my husband is one of the sexiest men in the world, so I went to the drugstore in my glasses, Christmas pajamas, and house shoes and told the women behind the counter what I was looking for, because my husband is on the World’s Sexiest Man edition. They nodded, but they sure thought I was a crazy person. Way to go @ scotsman.co 👏🏻🔥 You’re married to the woman craziest CVS! “

Fans left sweet comments on Erin’s post like:

  • “Manhood and loving your wife and daughters is always a sexy combination. It’s the way he loves you that makes women swoon 😍”

  • “In Kelly Clarkson’s words, ‘Some people wait a lifetime … for a moment like this.’

  • “And he is married to the 50 most beautiful !!!!! (Although they don’t do that with women hahaha) I love you all. I am very proud of your art, commitment and HEART for your people. We see you all. “all ❤️🙌🙏”

  • “What’s not to like about Ben? He’s kind, he loves the Lord, he loves his family, and he’s passionate about helping others. ❤️”

Not only is Ben now one of the “sexist men alive,” he recently earned a spot on FortuneList of the “50 most important leaders in the world”. After a successful year of renovations with Erin and some precious family time, we are happy to see Ben spend time in the limelight for being … well, Ben!

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