I had my eye on him, then my friend cut in

DEAR HARRIETTE: My good friend broke up with his girlfriend last week. Because the breakup is recent, I was waiting to make it known that I like it.

Harriette cole

The next thing you know, another friend of mine has made her way and is trying to reclaim that place. It doesn’t matter that she knows that I like this boy. Everything is awkward now.

Should I tell the boy that I like him more than a friend? Should I wait and see how things unfold? Should I give up and stay friends?

This is so awkward. Sometimes I hate high school.

That I have to do?


DEAR FRIEND: Timing is everything in relationships. You were right not to talk to your friend when he was in a relationship. Now you have a couple of options.

If during your talks you can naturally suggest that the two of you go out for a while, go ahead. It is not a formal request to date, but it could be an overture to let him know that you are interested.

You can ask your other friend who worked hard at what the heck she’s doing, just so she knows you’re controlling her. You can also wait to see how things unfold.


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