Instagram is testing music support in feed posts

For years, Meta’s Instagram has allowed users in supported regions to add music to their Stories. With a catalog that includes millions of songs, users can choose a few seconds of a certain track to attach to their expiring Instagram moments. Music support on Instagram finally expanded with the launch of Reels, the carbon copy of TikTok. The company is now testing this feature in news feeds on a limited regional scale.

At the moment, the feature is being tested with a small percentage of people. Users in India and other unspecified countries have already started receiving it. If you are part of the server-side release, you will find the new music selection menu when you prepare a post to share. You can then choose the few seconds of a particular song that you want to include. It’s similar to how the feature works on Instagram Stories and Reels.

Instagram music support in news posts on Android

Instagram allows you to see reels that have a certain song attached. This way, you can see the different creations that people have posted using the same song. With the expansion of music support to feed posts, users can similarly view other public posts that include a particular track. Plus, the grid includes a “Use Audio” button, so you can effortlessly create your own post using it.

The company has been working on other functions as well, including a seemingly ineffective human verification program. It is not clear when and if music support in news posts will be extended to new regions and a higher percentage of users. As a limited test, the feature may never see the light of day on a global scale.

Has this feature already been implemented for you? If so, what region is it in? Let us know in the comment section.

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