J.P. Morgan Offers a “Reimagined” World for Its 2022 List of Books and Experiences

With museums, theater, and other forms of entertainment open to visitors, JP Morgan’s client advisors had many things to consider as they offered suggestions for the bank’s annual list of recommended books and experiences.

While last year’s hypothetical recommendations, including Quarantunes in Los Angeles, and Planet Word, in Washington, D.C., undoubtedly created conversions for customers cornered by the pandemic, this year the bank could include six real-world experiences for its 2022 “Next List” .

Among them is pop rock musical six On New York’s Broadway, which was due to open at the same time as the New York theater closed in March 2020, and Kering Group founder François Pinault’s contemporary art collection, which is on display at a Pinault-developed museum, the Bourse de Commerce, in Paris.

The theme for this year’s list is “Reimagining the World,” said Darren Odowe, chief communications officer at JPMorgan Asset & Wealth Management. He says, “We’ll go back to personal events and to more normal life, and we all seek inspiration. Where are we headed for that? Arts or cultural experiences or a really good book.”

The bank’s “NextList 2022” recommendations include eight books and six trials selected by a panel that reviewed the recommendations from client advisors around the world to appeal to the diverse interests of its clients, many of whom are business leaders, art collectors and entrepreneurs. These are the “citizens of the world,” says Odooy.

The book’s recommendations include titles on leadership, business strategy, entrepreneurship, technology, spirituality, and medicine.

For ideas on leadership, J.P. Morgan recommends The Heart of Business: Leadership Principles for the Post-Capitalism Eraby Hubert Jolly and Caroline Lambert. Julie became Best Buy’s CEO in 2012, and is credited with the heart of electronic retail.

“The book is about the essence and ethos of what makes a business sustainable moving forward – purpose, people, and human relationships,” says Oduyoye.

Readers interested in business strategy can turn to former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi for inspiration. Nooyi just posted My Whole Life: Work, Family, and Our FutureAnd It tells the story in its own words about how it led Pepsi and its efforts to transform the soda giant into healthier, more environmentally friendly products. But Nooyi also talks about what she thinks business and industry need to think about today, such as strengthening the “care ecosystem” through policies that support employees, Odowi says, such as paid time off and work flexibility.

Entrepreneurs will have a lot to draw from the experience of Sevetri Wilson, CEO of Resilia, a company that helps nonprofits with data-driven technology. her, Flexibility: How to Beat Anything and Build a Million Dollar Business With or Without Capital Offers a roadmap of practical, strategic advice.

but that is not all. For art collectors, the bank recommends In Search of Van Gogh: Depicting the Artist’s Life Through Pictures and PaintingsWritten by Gloria Fossey, which Oduyoye describes as akin to a travel story that reveals the landscapes, people, and things that inspired the famous artist.

Images from the six trials recommended by JPMorgan in the following list 2022.

JP Morgan

Here are the edited descriptions of books and experiments in JP Morgan’s #NextList 2022:

Books for next year

AI 2041: Ten visions for our futureAnd By Chen Qiufan and Kai-Fu Lee. Science fiction novelist Chen Qiufan teams up with Kai-Fu Lee, the former head of Google China, to imagine a world in which artificial intelligence has reached many of its disturbingly superior potential.

The Heart of Business: Leadership Principles for the Post-Capitalism EraAnd by Hubert Jolly and Caroline Lambert. In 2012, Hubert Joly, the newly appointed CEO of Best Buy, focused on employee empowerment, customer service, and sustainability to orchestrate a comeback story at the retailer.

In Search of Van Gogh: Depicting the Artist’s Life Through Pictures and PaintingsBy Gloria Fossey. Follow in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps, and see the landscape, architecture, and people who inspired him, from his home in the Netherlands to his travels across the European countryside, under the guidance of art historian Gloria Fossey and photographers Danilo Di Marco and Mario Dondero.

My Whole Life: Work, Family, and Our Future, by Indra Nooyi. The former PepsiCo CEO tells her story of being the first immigrant woman of color to lead the Fortune 50.

Overburdened: How every aspect of your life is affected by your brain chemicals, by Jenny Smith. From your morning coffee to falling in love or how you deal with pain, the full range of everyday sensations and actions are explored in Jenny Smith’s look at the brain chemicals that influence every moment of our lives.

Earthing Practice: A Transformational Path to Success that nurtures your soul — not crushes itAnd by Brad Stolberg. By incorporating insights and insights from science and philosophy and his career as a successful corporate coach, Stulberg presents a compelling case for the new spirit of leadership – an ethos grounded in health, humility, and happiness.

Principles for Dealing with a Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Failby Ray Dalio. Second installment in investor Ray Dalio
principles The series examines how today’s global economic and geopolitical landscape is unlike any other in history – a perilous mix of financial, environmental and technological initiatives with the world’s population mostly at its mercy.

Flexibility: How to Beat Anything and Build a Million Dollar Business with or No Capital, by Sevitri Wilson. From raising capital and hiring the right talent to overcoming inevitable hurdles – both structural and psychological – Resilia entrepreneur and CEO Sevetri Wilson offers strategic and practical advice for building the business of your dreams.

International experiences

Los Angeles | Academy of Motion Picture Museum. The Renzo Piano-designed building is a celebration of cinema, bringing the rich history of film, innovations, social impact and artistic accomplishments across seven floors of exhibition space, installations, large and small theaters, and more.

Nappa | sand clock. Hourglass is the culmination of a son’s dream and the family that kept him alive, transforming two Napa, California wineries into an extraordinary source of wine.

New York | musical six. Henry VIII’s six wives occupy center stage in the six, A boisterous and amusing expression of a woman’s power.

Paris | Pinault Collection – The Bourse de Commerce. Located in the historic Bourse de Commerce district, a Paris landmark restored and re-imagined by famed Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​the museum offers a perspective on the contemporary art collection that Pinault has accumulated over the past 40 years.

Hong Kong | M +. The first global museum of contemporary visual culture in Asia opened this month with 1,500 works.

Washington DC | the future Gallery in the Smithsonian’s Arts + Industries Building. As curator of the ideas, institutions, and inventions that have made America an engine of innovation for more than two centuries, the Smithsonian Museum celebrates the next wave of future pioneers by reopening the historic Arts and Industries Building, America’s first national museum.


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