Jessie J reveals she suffered miscarriage

Jessie J is opening up about experiencing a miscarriage.

The “Price Tag” singer posted a photo of herself holding a positive pregnancy test, as well as a second image, with a quote from Seyda Noir, which read, “Sometimes love is not enough to make it work, and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you failed. ”In the caption, the singer shared that she suffered a miscarriage just hours before her scheduled date to appear on stage.

Jessie J shared that she experienced a miscarriage. (Photo: Bruce Glikas / WireImage)

“Yesterday morning I was laughing with a friend who said ‘seriously, how am I going to finish my concert in Los Angeles tomorrow night without telling the whole audience that I’m pregnant?’ Yesterday afternoon I was afraid of the idea of ​​going through the concert without breaking up ”, began his publication.

Jessie wrote that she underwent her third scan at the doctor, only to be told there was no fetal heartbeat. She wrote that she chose to continue her performance, not because she was “avoiding the pain,” but because singing healed her.

Jessie, who split from her on-and-off boyfriend Channing Tatum last year, explained that she was pregnant after deciding to have a baby on her own, because it’s all she ever wanted and “life is short.”

“Getting pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience that I will never forget and know I will have again,” she continued. “I am still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming. But I know that I’m strong and I know that I’ll be fine. I also know that millions of women around the world have felt this pain and much worse. I feel connected to those I know and those I don’t. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world. “

He concluded the emotional message with: “So I’ll see you tonight in Los Angeles. I may be joking less, but my heart will be in the room. “

Jessie has spoken before about her desire to be a mother, and has even written the song “Four Letter Word” about her parenting aspirations. In 2018, she spoke on stage at her concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall about being told she couldn’t have a biological child, which inspired the song about motherhood.

“So four years ago, they told me I couldn’t have children, and that’s okay, I’m going to have children, believe me. When the doctor told me, my reaction was, ‘Oh hell nooooooo’ “shared at the time.” I wanted to write this song for myself in my time of pain and sadness. But also to give me joy and give other people something that they can listen to in that moment when it gets really difficult. “

In May 2020, she shared a since-deleted photo of herself on Instagram, captioning the post: “This is me when I was a baby. One day. I will be a mother. “

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