Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Trump’s Deeply Embarrassing Picture-Book Tour

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel targeted former President Donald Trump’s ongoing press tour for his egregiously exaggerated photo book — which included an interview with Mark Levine’s “Infinite” on Fox News, in which Trump was asked for a zero total. – Ask questions.

“Before COVID flew out of the dust, it came from China — by the way, Dr. Fauci, who I did really well with, but I usually did the opposite of what he suggested,” Trump offered in the interview regarding the pandemic.

“Which is why one of you rushed to Walter Reed Hospital and the other didn’t,” Kimmel cracked, adding, “His hair is like pure cotton candy now, isn’t it?”

Later in their ridiculously full of conversation, Trump revealed that his adult picture book contains “mostly positive insider comments… I don’t tear up a lot of country leaders… maybe a couple.”

The book was published by his son, Donald Trump Jr. DJTJ claims that his dad chose every photo and wrote all the comments himself – which is exactly how my son’s pre-school teacher describes his projects to his mom. Trump basically – what he did here is he posted a photo profile on Instagram of all the classic photos of his presidency.”

After that, Kimmel posted a number of photos with makeup captions, including a picture of the then-US president with rapper Lil Wayne, accompanied by the phrase “Woobby and I from the viewOne Trump examines the body of his daughter, Ivanka, with the caption, “Nice.”


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