By the wording of the ad, some fans were misled into thinking that Kanye West and Drake’s next concert in Los Angeles would be free. Labeled a “Larry Hoover Free Benefit Concert,” several people were surprised to find out on Monday that the concert isn’t really free … forfree Larry Hoover.

Since most of the tickets cost between $ 200 and $ 500, some fans felt cheated by opening the purchase link, which had more than 2,000 concurrent users trying to pay, and took to social media to share their surprise reactions. because the program was not really “free”.

“You hope the Drake Kanye concert isn’t free?” asked a confused fan on Twitter, which is apparently what many others felt. “I I thought they said the Kanye and drake concert was free. but the word ‘free’ was part of the statement ‘free larry hoover ‘and the tickets are really expensive, “lamented another person.

It’s worth noting that this was never advertised as a free concert, and people understand that they simply misread Ye and Drake’s announcement. Still, we all know the feeling of thinking that something is going to be affordable (or free, in this case) and it actually turns out to be a ridiculous price.

Regardless of the $ 500 tickets, it looks like Drake and Ye will be performing for a sold-out crowd, which makes sense considering they are two of the biggest artists in the world who just stopped fighting. Will you see them at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert in Los Angeles on December 9?