Keanu Reeves suggests three Reeves films for the uninitiated

Reeves, lost in thought.

On a new interview with DonKeanu Reeves is asked where someone looking for an entry point to the 68 films he has made throughout his career should start. Reeves, whose catalog is so huge that he has played a character named “John” in seven movies and a videogame, you need a little time to think of an answer.

He then suggests a very good trio (well, technically a quintet) of movies ideal for the Reeves-appreciating newbie.

When asked to name the three movies he would tell someone to start with if they “wanted to meet you,” Reeves responds, “Know me or know my work?”

After considering that, you can actually get to know him through his movies well enough in any case, he becomes angsty to pick only three movies and then responds. “Okay, let’s start with MatrixAnd when I say MatrixLet’s do the trilogy ”, he begins. “That is one.” Reeves’ Picks Devil’s lawyer when your second choice decides “we need some action, so let’s do Breaking point. “

“Start with the easy things,” he concludes.

On an attached video interview, they ask him which of his 90s movies he liked doing the most. Unlike Tom Hanks, Reeves refuses to choose his favorites.
He says he has “fiery and incredible memories of all these [’90s] movies, ”but he relents enough to mention that acting alongside Al Pacino in Devil’s lawyer It was a highlight. (He also has a hard time choosing between whether he likes playing Neo or John Wick better, and says there is a lot in common between them.)

Finally, share a list of essential movies made for Carrie-Ann Moss’ teenage son, which includes The neon demon, Seven samurai, Young frankenstein, Dr. Strangelove, The bad death, Amadeo, and more.

To accompany all these films, viewers can also follow the ideal Reeves movie snack, mentioned as his order when he went to see how audiences were reacting to John Wick: Chapter 3. “We have popcorn, you have to eat popcorn,” he says. “Some peanut M & Ms. Sweet and salty. Coca Cola.”

Read the rest of the feature (and see the video of the interview) for more information on Reeves.

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