Kevin Smith Reviews Eternals: “It Was Chunky”

The latest Marvel Studios movie to hit theaters, Eternal, continues to perform well at the box office with the film having crossed $ 300 million at the worldwide box office, but even with the success of the film, there is some criticism. The movie is the worst rated in the MCU on Rotten Tomatoes and one of the criticisms is its length. Now filmmaker and pop culture fan Kevin Smith is voicing his thoughts on Eternals and he too has thoughts on the length of the movie. During a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast with Marc Bernardin, Smith described the film as “thick.”

Eternal I went to see it while I was in Vancouver and, you know, that’s one of those movies that I thought ‘this movie doesn’t have to be as long as it is,’ “Smith said.” It’s a beautiful movie and Chloe is a much better director than I’ll ever be, so that’s not what it’s about. It’s just that it was thick. Two and a half hours, you know. Bring it on, man. I just do not get it. As a filmmaker, and not that I’ve had this option, I’d rather give someone like a 90 minute non-stop movie than a two and a half hour movie that allows people to like, you know, their minds wander or something. ” .

Smith went on to praise elements of the film, such as the film’s “gorgeous” look, as well as the performances, noting that it had no weak links. He simply stated that his big criticism is that the movie is very long and is about characters that he is just not as interested in as other Marvel characters, such as the Avengers. For Smith, being involved in the characters would have made the length of the film more tolerable, as was the case with Avengers Endgame which was longer than Eternal for just over 20 minutes.

Smith’s comments are pretty comprehensive, but overall, Marvel Studios doesn’t seem to be overly bothered by critical reviews from Eternal more generally. Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso recently referenced the criticism during a recent appearance at the Outfest Legacy Awards, saying she’s “fine.”

“We have tried to shake it up and sometimes the critics are not with us,” Alonso said. “It’s okay. It’s okay. We thank you for being a critic. We thank you for writing about us. And the fans will decide.”

Eternal is in theaters now.

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