Kid Rock video shocks fans as Weird Al says it is not his parody

‘Weird Al’ has spoken to set the record straight about the new Kid Rock video.

I wanted fans to know that the new Kid Rock video for Don’t tell me how to live it is not one of his parody music videos.

Kid rock’s Don’t tell me how to live surprise fans

Don’t tell me how to live was released on Friday (November 19) and fans were shocked. His lyrics reference past Kid Rock songs and at the same time take pictures of things that seemingly disturb his view of the world.

“A nation of cunts is our next generation!” Rock sings on the floor. He continues: “And these henchmen and their agendas / Every opinion has an offended millennial / But this amendment one, it rings true.”

In the music video, Jon Harvey from Rock and Monster Truck smokes cigars. Then Kid Rock shoots out of this world hanging from a giant statue of the middle finger that powers his journey.

‘Weird Al’ clears things up

It was so outlandish that some thought the song was a ‘Weird Al’ original. Yankovic confirmed who did not participate in the music video, which many believed was a parody.

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On Monday (November 22) Yankovic tweeted: “To everyone congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify: that’s not me. That’s actually Kid Rock. “

Twitter reacts to Kid Rock’s latest music video

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new Kid Rock track. See some of the reactions below.

An user wrote: “OMG I just saw it and it really is like a Weird Al parody of a Kid Rock song. He talks about offended millennials, even though that means “adults under 40” now! The guy who says “no one’s going to tell me how to live” looks a bit like Zach Galifianakis! “

Other tweeted: “When Weird Al has to clarify that he did not produce a parody song of your work, in fact you have become a real joke. # Rock boy. “

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