Lady Gaga wore a bulletproof vest during her inaugural set

Lady Gaga at the inauguration of President Joe Biden

Lady Gaga in President Joe Biden’s Inauguration
Photo: Caroline Brehman-Pool (fake images)

During her interview in The Last Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Lady Gaga spoke about the magic of working with her friend and jazz legend Tony Bennett at her recently nominated for a Grammy album, Love for sale, she Ithod acting at Ridley Scott’s Gucci house, and his interpretation of the “The star bannerAt Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration earlier this year.

The actress and singer revealed that not only did she wear a giant gold dove brooch to the opening event, but she also wore a bulletproof vest. As part of the design of her blue and red dress, a bulletproof vest was sewn into the fabric of Maison Schiaparelli’s dress.

“It was a scary time in this country,” Gaga told Colbert. “I care a lot for my family and as an interpreter I understand that I put myself in all kinds of dangerous situations to be able to do what I love. I did that by myself but also like this my family, my mom, my dad and my sister would feel safe. “

Which makes sense. The country was coming off a hotly contested election that involved weeks of disputes over ballots.s, which eventually led to the violent insurrection of January 6. Things were tense in the country before the inaugural event, to say the least.

Gaga also deepened in planning behind the highlight moment during his performance, in which he made a gesture to the American flag during the line, “That our flag was still there.”

“The funny thing about this moment, besides being emotional and powerful for me as a singer, was that, believe it or not, they actually moved the flag,” Gaga said.

“I went out to rehearsal and planned to find the joy and point it out while singing that part. What I didn’t realize was that they were going to move the flag, and when I came out I started spinning and I was like ‘Oh girl, just keep spinning and maybe it’ll show up.’

By Ridley Scott Gucci house, starring Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Al Pacino, hits theaters tomorrow, November 24. Tony Bennett and Gaga’s television special, One last time: an evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, is transmitted CBS on Sunday, November 28. The special features Bennett’s final public performances at Radio Music Hall in New York City, where he shared the stage with Gaga. One last time It will also be available in the next few days on Paramount Plus.


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