Local author pens book honouring Island’s car culture

Confined in his Sooke garage, Forbes fuels his passion for classic cars.

“I love cars and most people who have cars love cars or don’t,” Forbes said as he pulled up on a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.

Forbes has more than 30 classic cars ranging from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s, and each one has a story.

“I got it from a back street in Portland Oregon years and years ago,” says Forbes, referring to one of the many classics.

“It’s a traveling encyclopedia, it’ll show you every car it has, it’s very extroverted,” said local author and car enthusiast Gary Forbes.

“The details here are absolutely gorgeous and probably one of the best Ford kits of the 1950s.”

Stories and groups like Forbes’ are what made Foster want to bring Vancouver Island’s love of cars to the fore.

“I really wanted people to see how rich this part of Vancouver Island’s culture is because we have Deuce days and there are a lot of collectors here,” Forbes says.

“You know the work they did to get these cars back is huge work and you really took a lot of patience.”

So Foster wrote a book called Chrome and Color, which presents car tales from across the island through its 200 pages, with all proceeds from the book going to support veterans with PTSD.

“Veterans Affairs Canada funded a Transcendental Meditation program about two years ago for veterans with PTSD,” Foster says.

“I am a long time old teacher of TM so we are teaching veterans here and they absolutely love it.”

It was a great experience for Foster that only fueled his love for cars and the stories behind each one.

“There’s a lot of history here and it’s great to get into,” Foster says.

To purchase a copy of the book, visit Bolen Books or check out the Chrome and Color Facebook page.

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