Machine Gun Kelly Took His Rarely Seen Daughter Casie to the AMAs for a Father-Daughter Night Out

Machine Gun Kelly brought the cutest date with him to the American Music Awards on Sunday, and no, it’s not his girlfriend Megan Kelly. His most one at the music awards show was his 12-year-old daughter with ex Emma Cannon, Casie Colson Baker, who seemed so excited to be by her father’s side at the big event.

The father and daughter were dressed in matching black suits. (See photo HERE.) Baker had a simple yet elegant dress with cutouts along the side, while MGK had a black shirt studded with silver hardware, including a spiked collar, which gave off a total edgy vibe. The duo held hands as they posed for photographs along the carpet and was even cited by AND saying he has a “cool dad”. You will probably have a lot of great stories to tell your friends in high school on Monday.

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Fox couldn’t join MGK on the red carpet this time (no PDA pics for all of us) because he’s currently filming. Consumables 4 in Europe. But the rapper will still have a great time with his daughter sitting next to him because, as rebellious as he may seem, he really is a soft old man as a father. “People have to understand that as wild as I am, I still have to go home at night and there is still someone sitting there like, ‘I’m six years old and I can’t stand you being as twisted as you are.’ ,'” he said Billboard in 2018.

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Your goal is to “make her proud” and that “is the most beautiful thing” you could ever do as a parent. MGK added: “[My music] it is my gift as a father to my daughter ”. And that’s why MGK and Casie will likely be creating lifelong memories (and some bragging rights for their daughter) on a big Hollywood night.

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