Married at First Sight’s Bennett Kirschner, Amelia Fatsi Split

Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi. Courtesy of Bennett Kirschner / Instagram; Courtesy of Amelia Fatsi / Instagram

It’s over. Married at first sight stars Amelia Fatsi and Bennett kirschner she left him after a year of marriage.

The couple filed for divorce in their home state of Virginia last month. Us weekly You can confirm. Although more details about the split are currently unknown, the couple still follow each other on Instagram.

The duo met during season 11 of MAFS, which premiered in July 2020. After Lifetime cameras followed the couple for the first eight weeks of their marriage, they decided to stay married, and Kirschner even got a tattoo of his wife’s initials during the season finale. .

Fatsi, a medical doctor, later said that she was not quite sure that she would find love in MAFS, choosing to do the show because he thought it would be fun. “I was just looking for something interesting to do in the time I had free before starting my job … like a strange gap year in my medical career,” he said. Showbiz Cheat Sheet in October 2020. “I didn’t particularly want to get married; I thought it would be fun to be on a reality show! So I certainly did it for the wrong reasons, but it was a very, very interesting adventure, and I had a great time. “

Kirschner, meanwhile, tried out for the show after his friend suggested it with a casting director. He also had low expectations for her romantic prospects, but was surprised to find a possible partner in his future wife.

“Amelia’s patient and unflappable ability not to judge other human beings continues to surprise and excite me,” she said in October 2020. “You could tell her anything about yourself and no matter how embarrassing or strange that detail is, she will always feel empathy. and he will appreciate your underlying humanity. “

During an episode of the show, Fatsi confessed to the playwright that she didn’t feel ready to get married when she joined the series. “I guess it wasn’t really the number one driving force,” he explained before Decision Day.

“I was married at first sight because I was looking for the love of my life,” Kirschner said in a confessional interview in the same episode. “And it’s disappointing that Amelia signed up for different reasons.”

Dr. Schwartz pepper, one of MAFS‘Relationship experts, they thought the duo was a good match due to their personalities. “I think both of them are quirky, eccentric in ways that they will love each other,” he explained during the series. “She is just Amelia and he is just Bennett. I think they will find themselves attractive, whimsical, adorable. [and] stay together forever. “

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