Marty O’Donnell, former Destiny 2 composer, is asking people to destroy the music he shouldn’t have released

Former Bungie songwriter Marty O’Donnel is requesting that fans “destroy” the music he released without having the legal right to do so. In a video to his YouTube channel and a ad On Twitter, O’Donnell has called for all copies of the music he made available to be removed and the sources that make them available for download to be removed.

“I do not have, nor have I had since at least April 2014, the legal authority to possess or distribute non-commercially available material related to Destiny or Music of the Spheres (including material I composed or created while working for Bungie).” O’Donnell said in the statement. He follows it with a rather emphatic statement that “This material is the property of Bungie.”

In September of this year, O’Donnell was found to be in contempt of court and ordered to pay Bungie nearly $ 100,000 in legal fees stemming from legal disputes surrounding his release of the music. At this time it is unknown if the message is the result of legal action, although the prepared statement certainly appears to be very practical and specific.

The request is unlikely to have much of an impact, as these efforts can provoke backlash when people decide to do the exact opposite. O’Donnell is highly regarded among video game music fans for his incredible work on Halo and Destiny.

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