Nervous ‘The Voice’ contestant confesses she ‘almost threw up’ before risky performance

Monday The voice The Top 11 show was packed with powerful singers who made every performance seem easy, almost too easy, as might have been the case with a contestant, Wendy Moten. which I will recap later. But despite the fact that another diva, Team Legend’s Jershika Maple, nailed her number like a pro, she admitted she ran into trouble during this fan-themed night, when the audience assigned her the all-powerful Lisa Fischer “How I Can Ease The Pain.”

“The fans chose a classic R&B song that plays to their strengths, but this song is quite difficult,” noted Jershika’s concerned coach John Legend. “Lisa Fischer’s range is incredible, and there are some really high notes that will push Jershika to her limit.” So John advised his team member to take advantage of the anguished thrill of the ballad Quiet Storm and of course Jershika rose to the challenge, delivering a stellar tour de force that was all class and seemed straight out of the BET awards. 1991. She never let the audience see her sweat, as the saying goes, but after receiving a standing ovation from the coaches, she confessed that this performance had secretly left her stressed.

“They said Jershika was nervous backstage,” host Carson Daly revealed, to which Jershika directly exclaimed, “I almost threw up, y’all! This has never happened to me before! “

Okay, yes is This is how Jershika performs when he is about to launch, he will surely be unstoppable, and on his way to the end of season 21, once his nerves are completely under control. “Your vocal performances are so special and specific to you, and cool as hell. OMG, you are amazing! [John] He was right: the training, with the pain, was a very good note for you, because when you are in pain, we are with you, “said Kelly Clarkson. “I saw in the B-roll, the package they were rolling, that [John was] trying to talk to you about how to connect with this letter and feel the pain. But all I know is that you made me very happy. It was one of the most enjoyable performances I’ve seen in a long time, ”added Blake Shelton.

So a contestant is going home on Tuesday’s live scores show, and Jershika probably won’t feel the need to throw up then, because I think she’ll be safe. But like I said, there were so many bronze belts, all really betting on the bronze ring, this week, that I’m afraid some of them may cancel each other out. Let’s go over the other 10 performances on Monday and make some predictions …

Wendy Moten, “Freeway of Love” (Team Blake)

I loved the style and overall vibe of this neon-lit retro performance; in this case, I felt like I was watching the 1985 Soul Train Awards. But Wendy, a veteran professional backing singer who has been doing this for decades, is so “flawless”, as John put it, that it might lose its impact, especially this one. week, when he sang at the place of death. “Everything is perfect. It could be taken for granted, because it seems so easy coming from you. I want the United States to be clear: what she is doing, almost no one on the planet can do like Wendy can,” John emphasized. assured her star team member that she had already achieved “icon status” and said, “You are performing like a legend.”

Girl named Tom, “More Hearts Than Mine” (Team Kelly)

This family trio admitted that they don’t consider themselves a straightforward country act, but apparently that’s what Voice viewers want from them. However, Girl Named Tom should listen to those fans, because this Ingrid Andress song fit the bill perfectly. Their sweet, quiet is the loud new sound that made them stand out on a night of belters and showboaters, and resident country expert Blake approved, assuring them, “I heard you said you were feeling a little maybe out of your comfort zone or you were nervous about it, but I feel right at home. “Coach Kelly praised the family band for being” ready to work “and” ready to go, “and praised how quickly they arranged their harmonies to despite not being familiar with the song. “You are all so talented,” he gushed.

Holly Forbes, “Alone” (Team Ariana)

This Heart Power ballad was a great song to perform, but of course Holly could handle it. “It’s not so often that I look down and see what the artist is going to sing and say, ‘Oh, she’s going to kill that.’ I knew long before you started that this was going to be epic, ”said Blake. And unlike the overly polished Wendy, Holly let the audience watch your effort – in the best possible way. There was a rawness, an edge, an element of confusion. “I feel your commitment to each song. Your heart is so involved in every note that you are singing. I can feel it, ”John said.

Lana Scott, “I Hope” (Team Blake)

So, here was Lana, the only country contestant left in The voice this season, making a modern country hit by the only artist who really broke away from american idol in recent years, Gabby Barrett. Lana definitely exuded the same sassy and vivacious quality as Gabby, surprisingly. She usually sings sweet and pretty melodies so I didn’t know she had this in her. He certainly didn’t know that she could be that fierce. He had exactly the right attitude and, as Ariana Grade observed, “it never sounded better” and was a “perfectly packaged and ready-to-wear country pop star.” Blake proudly and rightly declared Lana’s best performance yet, saying, “What a great time to have a breakout moment on the show.”

Joshua Vacanti, “The Show Must Go On” (Team Legend)

Making Queen is even a more difficult task than doing Heart, and while I appreciated how completely over the top this number was, an epic show that borders on the ridiculous, but in a sublime and audacious way, I fear this performance may be polarizing. Freddie Mercury is simply sacred and untouchable to so many singing show fans (and so is Adam Lambert, for that matter). But I congratulate Joshua for just going So to hell with any negative reactions, from his grand entrance standing on a grand piano, to his grand finale with that kneeling flourish. Blake thought that fans selected the perfect song for Joshua to serve up some drama, and Kelly joked, “I don’t know what kind of career you want to have, but if someone who’s listening right now can do a Broadway show that star in, then I can go see it… ”I’m not sure what kind of career Joshua will have afterwards either. The voice, or if he stayed The voice much longer. But there is no doubt that he has great talent.

Jeremy Rosado, “Reckless Love” (Team Kelly)

Choosing one of the biggest Christian songs of the last decade, by Cory Asbury, was a smart move on the part of fans, who had apparently grown tired of Jeremy’s old style, american idol Ballad in the style of season 2. Jeremy really wants to record Christian music afterwards. The voice – a career wise that could set him up for success as Koryn Hawthorne or Jordan Smith – and his was definitely his most emotionally engaged performance yet, once he demonstrated the kind of records he could make. John said he seemed “perfectly in his element” and “so passionate and committed.” I think the conservative audience of voters on this show will love this.

Gymani, “Diamonds” (Team Kelly)

As I mentioned, there were a lot of powerful singers competing for votes tonight, so Gymani may be at risk, especially since she was ready for elimination last week. But her sophisticated and elegant take on Rihanna’s sultry hit, chosen by fans because she did it on her YouTube channel several years ago, certainly showed this dynamite lady at her brightest. “I think you did a great job making it yours and honoring it. You yourself are shining like a diamond, ”Ariana said.

Jim and Sasha Allen, “Have you ever seen the rain?” (Team Ariana)

For weeks, I’ve been wondering why this father-son duo has outlived other top singers. Me too yet I think it’s your time to go But I will say that his son Sasha is a much better singer than his father Jim, and his harmonic mix pales in comparison to the other family act from season 21, Girl Named Tom, so maybe Sasha should have auditioned solo. After tonight, I think his father has been dragging him down, because this version of CCR was Sasha’s best voice yet. However, Ariana noted that their bond is “far beyond father and son” and “absolutely incredible,” so perhaps it is their admittedly moving and important backstory, that of the trans son and the supportive father, that is. That has kept them in the competition for so long.

Paris Winningham, “Use Me” (Team Blake)

We will always have Paris. At least I expect We will, but this vocal titan shouldn’t go anywhere after this impressive performance. Day! Paris was on fire tonight, absolutely ablaze, exuding arrogance and sweat, playing its two backing singers as Isaac Hayes at the Oscars and hitting high notes that could probably be heard in France. It was my favorite of the night. “A lot of us would have paid money to see that,” John said. I know I would. This really should have been in the pimp spot, because Paris was a very difficult act to follow.

Hailey Mia, “Elastic” (Team Kelly)

But there is was One more act on Monday, and this 14-year-old did an unexpectedly amazing job of keeping the momentum of Paris going. Hailey, performing a simplified piano and cello version of Sia’s hymn of operatic anguish, achieved her best moment of the season and became this season’s not-so-dark horse. “You are so good at this that it was a bit difficult to see you sad! We all love you so much, and you did so well on that song that it was actually so literally so powerful that I was wrapped up in it, ”said Blake with complete conviction. “You can make it to the end,” proclaimed Kelly.

So now is the time for prediction. On Tuesday, after the public vote is revealed, the last two or three contestants (Carson did not specify) will perform for Instant Save. I predict that the artists at risk will be Wendy Moten, Jim and Sasha Allen and, if there is a third party, Gymani or Joshua Vacanti. And if that’s the case, get ready for a showdown of epic proportions between Wendy and Joshua / Gymani, or a landslide victory for Wendy against Allens. Until then.

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