No Way Home TV Spot Features Jamie Foxx’s New Electro

A TV commercial for Spider-Man: No Way Home features new footage of Jamie Foxx’s retaliation of Amazing Spider-Man villain Max Dillon / Electro.

A new TV commercial for Spider-Man: No Way Home features new footage of Jamie Foxx’s villain Electro.

Electro appears briefly in the clip, telling whoever he fights in battle, “You’re not going to take this path from me.” This line was heard in the official trailer of No way home, but he is seen saying it in the television ad in the foreground. Foxx first appeared as Max Dillon / Electro in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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Foxx’s retaliation for his role in The amazing Spider Man It has been previously reported and Foxx himself confirmed in 2020 that Electro would appear in the film, but it was not officially confirmed until his appearance in the trailer. Now it has also been confirmed that the character will appear in his classic and accurate look from the comics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Much of the footage depicting Electro occurs during the fight sequence at the Statue of Liberty, but when he charges to attack, the electricity that forms around him creates his trademark star-shaped mask from the comics.

This is one of six new television commercials for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which feature new footage from the film, including the battle between Holland’s Spider-Man and Doc Ock and footage from The Lizard and J. Jonah Jameson. Other TV commercials also focus on the multiverse, including Peter Parker’s surprise that “the multiverse is real.”

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Regarding the multiverse, the new trailer has only fueled fan speculation that Maguire and Garfield’s own iterations of Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third Spider-Man movie. Many fans were also convinced that the previous two Spider-Men were removed from the trailer to keep it a secret. However, despite the theories, rumors, and potential leaks, Garfield flatly denies his involvement in the film.

Some images from the TV commercials were not included in the second trailer, which was released in November. The new trailer featured the return of five great Spider-Man villains, all of whom have appeared in previous franchises, including that of Sam Raimi. Spiderman trilogy with Tobey Maguire and The amazing Spider Man movies starring Andrew Garfield. The trailer featured Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Dr. Otto Octavius ​​/ Doc Ock, Foxx’s Electro, Sandman, and The Lizard.

The first trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home It quickly broke records after its release in August 2021, becoming the most-viewed trailer ever in just a 24-hour window, garnering nearly 355.5 million views in its first day online. The trailer itself confirmed the return of Alfred Molina’s Dr. Otto Octavius ​​/ Doctor Octopus, who first appeared in Raimi. Spiderman trilogy, and teased Green Goblin’s debut in the MCU.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17.

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