No Way Home’s New TV Spot Reveals More Footage

Marvel fans are less than a month away from watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, the highly anticipated final MCU movie of the year. A new trailer for the film was released this week and confirmed the return of some previous franchise villains. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the movie, which is why each new footage turns social media into a frenzy. Thanks to the latest YouTube post from Sony Pictures, we’ve got a glimpse of a new TV ad featuring never-before-seen images.

The new footage not only includes some hilarious moments from Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons), but it also includes a closer look at the Lizard, The amazing Spider Man villain who was played by Rhys Ifans in 2012. You can see the images below:

Earlier this week, Holland appeared for a screening of the new trailer and hinted at some important action sequences.

“You’ll see a fighting style like you’ve never seen in a Spider-Man movie before, and that was thanks to our stunt coordinator George Cottle. They designed these fights to surprise you, to really cheer you up. Your back feet. And when we were filming this one. particular scene, it’s like this, I calculate a 35-beat fight scene between me and one of the villains, and we shot it over and over and over again for three or four days, and I remember my knuckles were bloody and I was in dust and we were fighting and fighting. To be fair, it was horrible, it was such a difficult time, but in the movie, it’s so spectacular and it’s so overwhelming and you’ve never seen Peter Parker like this. I’m so excited to see what they think. ” Holland shared.

The latest trailer also confirmed Willem Dafoe’s return as 2002’s Green Goblin. Spiderman. During the same trailer event, Holland talked about meeting the iconic actor.

“It was actually a funny story from when I first met Willem,” shared Holland. “Obviously at the time all the villains in the movie it was a big secret that they were in the movie. So they were walking around the set in these capes and naturally you know these guys were really excited to come back and bring these roles that came back. to life that they got to set up a week before they started shooting to see what it was like. Meeting Jon (Watts, director), meeting myself, hanging out on set and having a good time on this guy with a I was like, ‘Look out buddy.’ And he pulled his hood off and I was almost freaked out. ‘Oh shit, the Goblin is here.’ He was lovely, really wonderful. It was a real pleasure working with him. “

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17.


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