Pete Davidson Pictured with a Giant Hickey on His Neck During Date with Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Good evening, major update on whatever is going on between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson – he’s wandering around LA with a giant hickey on his neck, or, like The Daily Mail put it lovingly in your exclusive photos, a “mouthful of love”.

You can go ahead and see the photos this way, showing Pete and Kim enjoying a date at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. As the Daily mail she noticed that they were “laughing like teenagers in love” and “burst out laughing” before leaving the restaurant in a van.

Oddly, while Pete * was * wearing a hickey during outing, he wasn’t wearing his Skims pajamas. But the good news is that we can all bask in the glory of this photo of Flavor Flav, which, as a reminder, marked Pete and Kim’s official Instagram debut as a couple.

A lot to process here, but a quick update if you’re wondering exactly where Pete and Kim are at the moment. A source recently said Page six that Kim “constantly laughs” with Pete (as these hickey photos make very clear) and that “he acts like a teenager.” The insider also reflected that “Pete has made her feel like the clock is 20 years back” and that he “seems happy.”

This dinner out follows Pete and Kim spending their birthday together (when pajama time is over), not to mention Kim’s recent trip to Pete Davidson’s native New York Cityand his kiss in Saturday night live. They’re clearly getting pretty serious, and another source says AND! News that “They’re really happy and seeing where she’s going. Pete has told her that he doesn’t want to see anyone else. She’s telling some people that they’re not very serious but that she’s not seeing anyone else … so as not to make a Big scandal, but she’s super into him. Kim has a crush on him and it’s very exciting for her. “

What a time to be alive!

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