Porsha Williams details alleged sexual encounter with ‘predator’ R. Kelly

Porsha Williams reveals a “traumatic” past with R. Kelly, and the moment she ran away from home and never returned. (Photos: Getty Images)

Porsha Williams is opening up about her past experience with disgraced singer R. Kelly.

the Real Housewives of Atlanta 40-year-old student, detailed for the first time, in her new memoirs The search for Porsha, the dysfunctional sexual interaction with the singer, who was convicted of sex trafficking in September. Now, in an interview with VarietyShe spoke about those “traumatizing” encounters and, years later, the FBI appeared on her doorstep to question her about Kelly.

Williams, who details childhood trauma in her book, had a pattern of bad relationships. She admitted to “looking for love in the wrong places” and ignoring “red flags”, leading to the men she “loved and who took advantage of me”. It included surviving sexual abuse by a boyfriend in his 20s.

It wasn’t long after she, at age 25, came to the door of the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer’s mansion outside Chicago in 2007. Similar to the stories of the accusers of Kelly, who claimed to be one of the solicitors for the R&B star in Las Vegas invited her to Kelly’s recording studio there.

However, they did not take her to Kelly’s recording studio, but instead escorted her to her bedroom. Williams stayed there for hours, he said. When Kelly, 14 years her senior, finally arrived, she said she felt she had to have sex with him because he had put himself in that position.

“I had my own business, I had my own house,” Williams said. Variety of your achievements at that time. “It was a mindset that has been conditioned over the years by men, who are better than me. And I only have value if they say I have value. I think being in that weakened mindset prepared me and available for him to be a predator and seek me out. “

Williams added: “It’s not just that he was R. Kelly. It’s just in my life at the time, he was just another man in the same position doing the exact same thing taking advantage of me.”

Williams, based in Atlanta, where she owned her own daycare, went to Kelly’s Chicago mansion on more than one occasion, she admitted. At Variety interview, he also detailed his last time there.

She said there was a “party” for him and that she was one of the “20 or 30 more girls” there. Some of the women had been there for weeks. Apparently Kelly chose the women at the party she wanted to be with. Williams was neither of them.

That was kind of a wake-up call, he said, wondering, “What is my life?” Got worse. He said he heard screams and what sounded like a beaten woman, allegedly coming from one of the women Kelly chose. She demanded to leave.

“When I got home … I knew I had hit a wall,” he said. “I was completely traumatized, completely confused as to why this was happening to me again as a grown woman now.”

Williams said Kelly contacted her many times after that, but she said, “I’m done with you.”

Fast forward to 2015. By then, a Real housewives star, she was also a co-host of the Plate nation radio show and Kelly was a guest. I had to interview him and sing with him. To get over it, he said he “went back to a common practice in my life of just putting on a mask and playing the part.”

She said that during the radio interview, Kelly acted as if she didn’t know her. He even flirted with her.

“What’s so fucking crazy is that he literally tried to talk to me again,” Williams said. “I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God. I went through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life at your house with you, and you don’t remember me? Has it happened so many times that you don’t remember that I am that same person? ‘”

Williams said the FBI came to his door a few years later amid the investigation into Kelly’s allegations.

“When the FBI left my house that day, I was very thankful for the place where God has brought me now,” she said. “As I was talking to them, it had to be that Porsha to remember every detail. But after they left, I just looked around my house, saw my daughter later, and just thanked God for surviving and being where I am. today “.

As for how he kept his past interaction with Kelly a secret until he first shared it in his book, he said he only told a friend at the time, so someone knew where he was for security reasons, but not. did. I do not speak of it in any other way.

A spokesperson for Kelly did not comment to Yahoo Entertainment on Williams’ claims.

Williams is currently engaged to Simon Guobadia, the estranged husband of her ex RHOA co-star Falynn Guobadia. He left the Bravo series after season 13 and got a spin-off, Porsha family affairs, debuting on November 28 on Bravo.

Kelly was convicted in September of nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering. During the six-week trial, there were graphic testimonies from dozens of accusers who alleged sexual and physical abuse. Several accusers were minors at the time and the charges span decades.

Kelly, who has been incarcerated without bail since 2019, will be sentenced on May 4 and faces life in prison. On the other hand, he faces a trial in Chicago on charges of child pornography, obstruction of justice and sexual abuse. He also faces local charges in Minnesota.

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