Post COVID Movie Reveals Shocking Fate for Fan-Favorite Character

South Park: Post COVID, the first of fourteen animated specials to air exclusively on Paramount + from the iconic series, has arrived and with it a glimpse into the future. Since it will be impossible to talk about the shocking ending of the episode without revealing many other reveals, the spoilers remain! When the episode begins, it is decades later from the South Park we know and our main boys are now grown men. Stan has moved but returns to his hometown after none other than Kenny McCormick, now a brilliant scientist, passes away. That should come as no surprise, and not the final minute of the special, either, but it does confirm a dark future for one of South Park’s fan favorites.

As adults Stan, Kyle, Cartman and other characters in the series search Kenny’s lab for clues about what happened to who and what he was after discovering a name, an associate of Kenny named Victor Chouce. Described as Kenny’s right-hand man, it is revealed that he has been locked up in an asylum for years, and an attempt to contact him is rejected because someone in the group is not vaccinated (it’s more fun in context than just reading it here, go check it out! Link below!). However, by the end of the episode we realize that Victor Chouce is just a fancy way of saying Victor Chaos, the supervillain alter ego of none other than Butters Stotch.

South Park fans know Butters’ alter-ego well, having appeared throughout the show as a “super villain” in hopes of world domination and … mayhem. As the episode’s conclusion implies, it appears that Butters’ Professor Chaos side has completely taken over, but since we don’t actually see Butters, we can’t say for sure. However, what we can guess pretty strongly is that the open conclusion of this Paramount + special will lead directly to the next one, which has already been confirmed to be released in December of this year. We can only assume that a full-fledged Professor Chaos will eventually appear in the episode.

“Comedy Central has been our home for 25 years and we are excited that they have engaged with us for the next 75 years,” South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said earlier in a statement. “When we came to ViacomCBS with a different way of producing the show during the pandemic, Chris (McCarthy), Nina (Diaz), Keyes (Hill-Edgar) and Tanya (Giles) were immediately supportive and allowed us to try something new that worked be very well received. We can’t wait to get back to doing traditional South Park episodes, but now we can also try new formats. It’s great to have partners who will always take risks with us. “

You can watch South Park: Post COVID on Paramount + with a subscription


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