Quiet Riot: Original Mask From ‘Metal Health’ Album Sells For $50,000 At Auction

QUIET RIOT: Original 'Metal Health' album mask sells for $ 50,000 at auction

Julien Auctions held “Icons and Idols: Rock N ‘Roll”, the world record-breaking auction house for the stars’ annual two-day musical event on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20, 2021 live at Hard Rock Cafe New York and online at JuliensAuctions.com in front of a global audience of music fans, investors and collectors bidding live in person, over the phone and online. Selling over 1,000 sensational artifacts and memorabilia that are owned and used by some of the world’s legendary musical artists of all time, including Eric Clapton, THE BEATLES, Elvis presley, David gilmour, Keith richards, Eddie van halen, U2, GUNS N ROSES, Whitney houston, Michael jackson, Virgin, ZEPPELIN LED, and more contributed a total of nearly $ 5 million.

Some of the most storied guitars in rock history once again dominated the stage with the sale of the 1968 Martin D-45 acoustic guitar, previously owned and played by the legendary rock icon and guitarist. Eric Clapton as the most important moment of the weekend. The instrument sold for an incredible $ 625,000, more than double its original estimate that was used by the guitar legend of the seminal bands. THE YARDBIRDS, JOHN MAYALL’S BLUE BREAKERS, CREAM and BLIND FAITH, at the historic debut live concert of DEREK AND THE DOMINES at the Lyceum Theater in London on June 14, 1970. DEREK AND THE DOMINES He would later write and record some of the most iconic songs of Claptoncareer, including classical ballad “Layla” whose handwritten letters at The Thunderbird Motel, Miami Beach, Florida, stationery also sold at auction for $ 37,500. An off-white Fender Affinity Series Squier Stratocaster electric guitar signed by THE YARDBIRDS members of the band Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton It also sold for $ 16,000, eight times its original estimate.

Sensational guitars from U2 took the spotlight on sales of The edgeThe 1976 Gibson Explorer electric guitar, played on stage and with photography, retails for $ 437,500, the U2 The legendary guitarist’s concert used a Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar that sells for $ 96,000 and a 2005 Gretsch Irish Falcon model G61361 electric guitar, played on stage and signed by U2 Leader Bond the guitar neck sells for $ 115,200.

A prized cream Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 reissue electric guitar, owned and performed by David gilmour received $ 200,000. One of six vintage Stratocasters bought in the mid-eighties by the legendary PINK FLOYD guitarist, the electric guitar was customized and configured to his personal specifications. Known as Cream No. 2 as a back-up for Cream No. 1, the guitar was taken at the PINK FLOYD “A momentary lapse of reason” tours 1987, 1988, 1989 and on Knebworth in 1990 and PINK FLOYD‘s “The bell of division” toured in 1994, as well as showcased at the Fender show in the US in December 1993 and EMI1997 Music 100 Exhibition in London. A custom made black Fender Stratocaster electric guitar signed by Gilmour It was also sold for $ 51,200 with all proceeds from this sale going to Adolescent Cancer Trust.

The King of Rock And Roll once again ruled the auction scene with the sale of his 1972 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar that was played by Elvis presley in the mid-to-late 1970s both on and off stage, it sold for $ 187,500. Her spectacular jewelry and wardrobe were also featured in the sale of her Fred Segal black shearling jacket that sold for $ 43,750, her 14 karat yellow gold ring with a gift in the center of an oval star sapphire (sold for $ 12,800), a Lord Elgin watch given to Presley by Cowboy and Julian Aberbach from Hill And Range Music Company (sold for $ 12,800), his silver carved eagle ring (sold for $ 10,2400), as well as a page of Elvis presley‘s “Jailhouse Rock” film contract of March 12, 1957, signed by Presley which sold for $ 25,000, eight times its original estimate of $ 7,000.

Amy WinehouseThe Fender Stratocaster electric guitar finished in Daphne Blue was another auction sensation that sold for $ 153,600. The five times grammy award-Retro-soul music superstar and pop diva played guitar in many of his early performances, including on the TV show “Later … With Jools Holland” in November 2003 and in the 2003 video for “Take the box”. “Property of Amy Winehouse’s Life and Career” recently raised a record $ 4 million for Julien Auctions two-day event, the highest total number of icon items sold in any auction. Her white cotton ruched mini dress with floral print that hugs the figure worn by Amy Winehouse while you act during the Oxegen Festival 2008 at Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland also sold for $ 21,875, seven times its original estimate of $ 3,000.

An EVH Fender “Frankenstrat” ​​guitar stage played by the guitar god Eddie van halen signed by him and his brother Alex van halen sold for $ 83,200. The historical ax, endowed for Kevan hill, childhood friend and first bandmate of Eddie and Alex van halen in his first band BROKEN COMBS in 1964, consists of a guitar strap attached to screw eyes, bicycle reflectors on the back used to reflect stage lights, five FROM HALEN 2012 guitar picks glued to the body and a picture of Eddie printed on metal.

The iconography of hard rock and heavy metal made noise like pieces like the original artwork on the 1983 cover. PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION album “Metal health” hand painted by Stan watts sold for $ 44,800, as well as the original metal “asylum” mask that Watts used to create the iconic image sold for $ 50,000, six times its original estimate of $ 8,000. Other items that rocked the auction stage (with winning bids) included: the 1989 MTV VMA Moonman introduced to GUNS N ROSES for “Best Heavy Metal Video” for “My sweet child” ($ 37,500); a 1964 Fender Precision bass played by Cliff williams during live concert performances with AC DC ($ 50,000); an electric guitar, owned and used by Joe strummer, who, according to the previous owner and former manager Gerry Harrington, I used it in the study for the “Grosse Point Blank” soundtrack and on his 1989 solo album “Earthquake time” ($ 34,375); a custom 2007 Gretsch drums in black that was played by the drummer Taylor hawkins by FOO FIGHTERS and Dave Grohl, most notably with ZEPPELIN LED in London ($ 50,000); two NIRVANA concert set lists in Kurt Cobainhand, one of a NIRVANA performance in Calton Studios in Edinburgh on November 29, 1991, along with a ticket and another on a tablecloth handwritten and signed by Kurt Cobain, also signed by Dave Grohl, Krist novoselic and others ($ 16,000 each); and others.

Other top highlights included (with winning bids):

* Iconic pieces from the Queen of Pop including a pink charmeuse silk headband with a bow embellishment that she wears Virgin in his iconic 1984 “Material girl” music video that sold for a staggering $ 28,125, fourteen times its original estimate of $ 2,000, its MTV Video Music Award Moonman Award given to Virgin for “Best female video” from 1986-1987 for “Dad, don’t preach” ($ 22,400) and her charcoal gray skirt suit circa 1940s Golden Globe-winning role as Eva Peron on “To avoid” ($ 10,000);

* A yellow crop THE GERMS cropped shirt owned and worn by Belinda Carlisle from THE GO-GO’S that it sold for a staggering $ 22,400, 28 times its original estimate of $ 800;

* Keith richardsIt is red with gold embroidery and short rhinestone jacket worn in the “Take out Yer Yas-Yas” album, as well as on stage during the infamous Altamont concert, where an audience member was stabbed to death by the Angels from Hell, and appeared in the Maysles Brothers documentary film “Give me shelter” ($ 38,400);

* A colorful framed rendition of a hand-painted clown by Frank Sinatra on oil canvas and signed “Sinatra” ($ 56,250);

* A Duesenberg Starplayer TV-MC guitar owned and played by JJ Cale ($ 32,000);

* A custom Gibson Mastertone banjo owned and played by Jerry garcia during his years with him OLD AND ON THE ROAD band and signed by Garcia and David grisman ($ 22,400);

* A 1954 50th Anniversary Reissued Fender Stratocaster from Custom Shop, made for Carlos Santana ($ 25,600);

* A cream colored Fender Telecaster guitar from the 1990s, signed by THE ROLLING STONES members Mick jagger, Ronnie wood, Charlie watts and Keith richards who has written “Time is on my side” ($ 19,200);

* A custom Personally owned Washburn PS2000 Electric Guitar, used, signed and handwritten inscribed by Paul stanley ($ 25,000);

* Neal alreadythe 1965 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst solid body electric guitar ($ 28,800) and the 1962 Gibson Les Paul SG electric guitar ($ 31,250);

* A record 7 “single in Britain from 1962 from THE BEATLES “PS I Love You” Signed by John Lennon, Paul MCCARTNEY, George Harrison and Ringo starr ($ 22,400);

* A pair of custom drumsticks owned by ZEPPELIN LED battery John bonham that it sold for $ 28,125, fourteen times its original estimate of $ 2,000;

* A custom 80th anniversary Gibson Les Paul electric guitar with the custom serial number LP1915 which refers to Pabloyear of birth ($ 57,600).

Julien Auctions It is the auction house that has broken world records. Collaborating with the famous and the exclusive, Julien Auctions produces high-profile auctions in the film, music, sports and arts markets. Julien Auctions has received international recognition for its unique and innovative auction events, attracting thousands of collectors, investors, fans and enthusiasts from around the world

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