Royal Family May ‘Boycott’ BBC Over William and Harry Allegations

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Royals go to war with the BBC, again

The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William threatened to launch a “three-household boycott” of the BBC after it was revealed that the corporation plans to screen a two-part documentary alleging that Prince Harry and Prince William were part of a smear campaign against each other at the height of their enmity.

The palace is furious that it has not been allowed to preview the documentary, arguing that it is denied the right to respond to the damaging allegations, the Mail on sunday reports.

The dispute is likely to further test already strained relations between the BBC and the royal family, which have been under unprecedented pressure since May, when the corporation apologized for Martin Bashir’s deception to secure his infamous Panorama interview with Princess Diana.

The new documentary, Princes and the press will air on BBC Two on Monday and Tuesday nights and is suspected of repeating claims for Find freedom Co-author Omid Scobie said Prince William and his staff leaked a suggestion that Prince Harry was struggling with his mental health after Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview with Tom Bradby in Africa, in which Meghan suggested that the royal family he hadn’t verified if she was “okay” while struggling with real life.

Those claims were removed at the last minute from an ITV documentary titled, Harry and William: What went wrong? right before that show aired on ITV in July.

the Mail on sunday says that the BBC’s claims have caused “discomfort” at Windsor Castle, adding: “All households are united in thinking that this is not fair. No one in the palace has seen him. “

You can’t make a documentary about real journalism without mentioning the briefings. He does not point a finger at any individual.


BBC sources told the Mail that BBC bosses had decided that the program did not violate the corporation’s guidelines, and a source said: “You cannot make a documentary about real journalism without mentioning the reports. He does not point a finger at any person. “

The two-part film is presented by the BBC’s media editor, Amol Rajan, and the BBC says it will provide “context” for William and Harry’s relationship with the media.

Although the BBC and royalty have had a strained relationship at times, they generally cooperate for their mutual benefit. This year, for example, the BBC broadcast Earthshot, a multi-part series inspired by Prince William’s eponymous awards for innovation to combat climate change, and a hagiography of Prince Philip with extensive contributions from high-level members of the royal family.

Tensions over the years have included Bashir’s interview and a 2007 documentary on the queen, which included a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

The BBC edited a promotional clip to make it look like the queen had flown out of an angry session, and the BBC was subsequently forced to apologize.

It will be interesting to see if a last minute compromise can be reached that benefits both institutions. It would be hugely detrimental to the BBC if it did not have access to the most profitable stars in British public life in the run-up to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June next year. And with all the headwinds it faces, can the palace really afford to go into exile from one of its more sympathetic media spokesmen?

Trouble for a king

No one, of course, has forgotten the Prince Charles “money for honors” scandal. As a summary, it is alleged that former Prince Charles aide Michael Fawcett solicited donations from his master’s charities in exchange for pledges of honors.

Now The Sunday Times he says he has on his hands “hundreds of pages of new evidence” showing how his aides “helped arrange a CBE for a Saudi billionaire.”

Peter Nicholls – WPA Pool / Getty Images

The Sunday Times presents a compelling countdown from 2013, when the first presentation between Mahfouz bin Mahfouz and Charles is made, to 2016 when the honor is finally bestowed in a private ceremony that is not recorded in Charles’s official journals.

The communications unveil a fascinating dance of arrangers negotiating their way first to a meeting between the billionaire and Charles, then securing massive donations and trying to fight their way to get Mahfouz his gong.

In one of the letters, for example, a repairman from Mahfouz writes to his assistant saying that “continuing friendship building” with Carlos will lead to “more personal” attention from Prince Charles.

In June 2014, Mahfouz donated £ 700,000 to Charles’s charities and in October of that year he dined with Charles at his Dumfries House property in Scotland, after which Charles revealed a source named after him.

The correspondence continues in 2015, when Charles makes arrangements to meet the billionaire at a British embassy in Saudi Arabia, and in March of that year, ta-da! – a nomination for an honor is submitted on their behalf. In November 2016, the billionaire receives his honor at a private investiture at Prince Charles’s home, Clarence House.

Charles’s key assistant, Fawcett, has taken the hit for it, renouncing his longtime role alongside Charles in disgrace. It remains to be seen how much mud will stick to the future king of this tacky episode.

Camilla prepares for a royal promotion

Get ready for Queen Camilla… early! Camilla Parker Bowles is poised to play a major role in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year, the Mail on sunday reports, since the queen herself will likely reduce what she is capable of. That means Charles and his wife will take over more events than she would have attended.

“Camilla will preside over the ‘Big Lunch,’ where thousands of groups of families and friends gather at street parties to commemorate 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign,” the newspaper reports.

A source from the Palace told the Mail on sunday: “This is part of a variety of events taking place, but it means that Camilla will play a central role in leading the nation in the celebrations, signaling her growing responsibilities.”

The newspaper also reported, crucially, that Camilla has a Fitbit watch to “stay in shape” and a new hairdresser.

Finnbarr Webster – WPA Pool / Getty Images

A palace source told the newspaper: “The Duchess is becoming more comfortable in the role and confident in getting the job done. She knows very well what it entails ”.

This was reflected, his public relations officers insisted at the Mail on sunday, on Charles and Camilla’s four-day trip to Jordan and Egypt this week. “It’s about showing the world what the Royal Family can do. Camilla is racking up years of work in the Middle East, which is vital for Britain and the world, ”said a source close to Camilla, not at all humble.

Charles: the queen is “fine, thank you very much”

Prince Charles was meeting with business leaders at the Royal Scientific Society in Amman, Jordan, with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, when asked how their mother, the queen, was doing. According to the SunCharles replied, “She’s fine, thank you very much. Once you hit 95 it’s not as easy as it used to be. He’s bad enough at 73. ”

He’s also right, of course, in his gently and sinister way, reminding us how old he is and how long he’s waited to be king. Earlier in the week, Carlos had consulted with the queen if, given his health, he should make the trip. She gave him the go-ahead.

This week in real history

At this time last year, She reported on Harry and Meghan’s plans to have a first American Thanksgiving at their home in Montecito, California. “They will have a quiet dinner at home and are looking forward to celebrating their first Thanksgiving in America as a family,” a source told The author of the article was Carolyn Durand, half of the duo that brought us Find freedom, now revealed to be very intimately informed by Harry and Meghan themselves.

Questions without answer

Will the BBC and the Palace really fight? Will Meghan Markle’s transition to mom hold up like everyone else, as she debuted in Ellen this week? Or will her court proceedings and further disclosures of what she and Harry did or did not tell their biographers, and other prominent controversies, surrounding the alleged real racism and bullying allegations against her, come back to change the sunny new? smiles?


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