Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen bring on chaos in Santa Inc. trailer

Santa Inc.

Santa Inc.
Screenshot: HBO Max

It’s the season for holiday content to start rolling in and HBO Max just shared the trailer for their upcoming holiday-themed series. Santa Inc. But don’t be fooled by the cheesy Rankin / bass-stop motion type: Santa and his elves are very naughty.

In the trailer, we are introduced to an elf named Candy Smalls (voiced by Sarah Silverman), who just wants to “give these fucking kids some fucking gifts.” You see, someone has to be the next Santa at some point. The old man does not live forever. So, she’s trying to be considered for the role of the next jolly Saint Nick.

This SantaSeth rogen) is treated like a rock star. Ask the elves to show you their boobs and receive applause as you thank people with their presence. So who wouldn’t want to be the next Santa and have so much power? But, as an older elf explains to Candy, the post “has been primarily a white man’s game.” And above all, it means strictly.

Santa and the board of directors are “all male and all white”, like Devin (Nicolas Braun) points to Candy. But that doesn’t stop him from trying, and he also knows exactly how to take down his ego: “Just so you know, women from the North Pole make fun of one of your cocks. Have fun wondering who it is from, ”he tells them.

But she too she knows she has to play well, so she tries to “be a brother” to them, so they can see her as one of the guys and maybe they will realize his potential as a future Santa.

Besides Rogen, Silverman, and Braun, the rest of the cast is pretty good too. The cast includes: Maria Bamford, Gabourey Sidibe, Leslie Grossman, Craig Robinson, and Joel Kim Booster. The series is also in good hands, created and written by Parks and Recreation and Strident producer and writer Alexandra Rushfield.

The show opens on Thursday, December 2.


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