Selena Gomez’s mom Mandy Teefey survived double pneumonia

Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, survived a near-fatal case of double pneumonia thanks to “miracle” doctors.

“They told me I had days to live,” Teefey, 45, revealed via Instagram over the weekend, sharing photos of her in the hospital as she fought for her life.

“I had a miracle Drs [sic] and the love of my family and friends to carry on ”, he added. “Fight. Drs [sic] I fought and I was one of the few who did it. “

Teefey shared the details of her health problem after being bombarded with “personal attacks” regarding her physical appearance in a photoshoot for Entrepreneur magazine that was published on November 18.

“I gained 60 pounds plus inflammation from the infection,” he revealed, adding, “I had nothing to do to be in a photo shoot.”

Mandy Teefey's health crisis
Teefey says her drastically changed appearance is due to the infection that nearly took her life.

Teefey also explained that she had only been out of the hospital for just over two weeks at the time of the shoot, in which she was wearing a leather skirt and a high-necked black blouse.

Despite having survived a life-threatening illness, Teefey appeared vibrant and happy in a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot she shared on Instagram.

Teefey let her fans know that despite continued comments about her weight gain, she is grateful to be alive.

“I am healthy and will work on myself at my own pace,” she said. “It is a miracle that I am here and I could neglect myself if it means that I am 16 years old instead of 8.”

Teefey and Gomez’s appearance on the cover of Entrepreneur was to promote their upcoming “Wondermind,” an “ecosystem of mental fitness” created by the mother-daughter duo and The Newsette founder Daniella Pierson.

Gomez, 29, has yet to comment publicly on his mother’s near-fatal illness.


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