Sing 2 Spinoff Short Airs During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Continuing its trend of offering audiences exciting Christmas commercials during Thanksgiving to keep viewers in the spirit of the season, Xfinity introduced an all-new short inspired by the upcoming Sing 2, titled “Come home.” Previous years have seen meetings between ET and his human friend Elliott, with that Holiday reunion short directed by Steven Spielberg himself, while last year Xfinity unveiled The best gift, which starred beloved The office star Steve Carell as Santa Claus. You can watch the two minute short Come home down and see Sing 2 when it hits theaters on December 22.

In the moving short film created by Illumination and Sing 2 screenwriter and director Garth Jennings, Sing 2 Characters like Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), Johnny (Taron Egerton), Meena (Tori Kelly) and Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) rescue the family Christmas tradition by bringing it to life in a new way. Come home It reminds us that whether we are virtual or in person, nothing can prevent us from creating new memories with our loved ones during this year’s holidays.

“Xfinity is developing a tradition of creating exceptional content that celebrates the holiday season,” shared Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination, in a statement. “Working hand in hand with Universal and Xfinity, Illumination had the opportunity to create content rooted in the world of To sing and captured the Xfinity holiday spirit. With Sing 2 director Garth Jennings at the helm, the content introduces an entirely new character who unexpectedly finds himself expressing himself creatively through song. It is an honor to be able to remind people of the power of being together on this holiday throughout the world of Sing 2 and our characters “.

Beyond the short film, Xfinity is bringing more bonding moments to life through its free customer recognition program, Xfinity Rewards. Starting December 1, Xfinity Rewards members can visit to claim these great movie rewards:

  • Rent the original animated hit To sing (2016) for $ 1
  • Get 30-Day Free Access to Stingray Karaoke
  • Watch Sing 2 In theaters for less with a Fandango promo code
  • Get a free family fun kit filled with popcorn, activities, and more
  • Get creative with Sing 2 activity sheets for kids

check Sing 2 when it hits theaters on December 22.

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